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I know I’m late to the party but I finally saw Infinity War last night. I’m not sure how great a movie it really was. But I felt tense the entire time. And I’m still reeling from the fact that he killed off half the universe.


Big fan of Kevin Smith. Not excited for this but will watch it for gems like this…


Considering how Braveheart is one of my all time favorite movies will check this out as it has the same type of vibe around Robert the Bruce.


looks good. TY. Like you Im a huge fan of this period so its a must watch to try!!


I have been waiting forever for this…I love Kevin Smith.


So i watched it after work yesterday. It was pretty good. Had to chase my wife out of the room specially near the end cause the battle scene was frickin gory, specially on the horses! Its good for a watch!!!




For me and @JohnnyHustler though surprised to see that Stephen Merchant wrote and directed it and also has Vince Vaughn in it.



The limited Once Upon A Deadpool run begins Dec. 12 and ends on Christmas Eve, with $1 for every ticket sold going to Fuck Cancer.


So its a PG-13 version of the last Deadpool movie?


Yes, but they apparently shot some new scenes too.



thanks to your post Dad and I just watched this trailer, must see for he and I. TY!




Honestly with this one i hope they stay far away from her comic story only to loosely base it off it. I did not know much about this character but after reading her marvel wiki page its a complete clusterfuck.


Comics switched her from Ms. Marvel to Captain Marvel, which is why her character is such a mess there. The movie makes it feel more like she’s the female version of Hal Jordan in Green Lantern, with the Kree giving her powers instead of a ring. They will probably simplify the origin to be closer to that, only hopefully not as shitty as the GL movie.


Def a better trailer then the first one!