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looks like CoD zombies!!!




Giving Manifest a try tonight.


I’m going to check it out as well.



No clue the direction of the show but did like the first episode of Manifest.


It could be interesting. I’m wondering what caused all the events. Hopefully they get some time to tell the story. Those kinds of shows are a crapshoot, and NBC has a bad tendency to cut them short after a lack of support (see: The Event).


Current day Lost.


That is exactly what I was thinking and honestly, afraid of.


It’s a little more like The 4400 to me. Maybe if there’s a subplot that they actually were in whatever happened for 5 and a half years rather than some sort of timewarp, it could be more Lost like, but so far they haven’t gone that route.



I can’t remember if I watched season 2. I’m old and forgetful.


I know I didn’t watch season 2. Season 1 was really good. I may have to binge it all.


Surprised this hasn’t been posted yet. I dig the series, I like it much better than the first X-Men series.


She does not look like what the Dark Phoenix should look like. Dark Phoenix is supposed to be a mega hot babe.


Agree fish. And… “There’s always a speach Charles, no on cares”! Epic!



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Enjoyed the second episode of Manifest as well. Has that Lost/Heroes vibe going for it.