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Just saw this and it looks pretty good. Not sure I like the casting of star fire, and no cyborg?!? What the booya!!!


Best part of that trailer = “Fuck Batman!”


Settle down Beavis. GRG officially confirms that’s the WORST part of the trailer!


From my understanding he’s in the Justice League for the latest reboot. I’m not sure if this will live up to the cartoon Teen Titans. That was classic.


Yea I know he’s in JL, but he’s a big part of teen Titans. Always has been. I do like how they did Raven and would like to see more of Beast Boy. Saw a character with wings but not sure if that was BB or someone else.


That looks really dark. What channel is it on?

They are coming out with a teen titans go movie. My kids definitely want to see this.


I love teen Titans go! I probably won’t see it in the theater, but I’ll definitely see it when i can DL it.



I would do unspeakable things to Lagertha.


I would disappoint her so badly.


Oh yeah dude, don’t get me wrong I had no intent on her enjoyment.





C’mon Skipper, get with the program…


Like I read any of GRG’s posts…



Looks awful.


looks dreadful