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Is that a new internet rule? If you mention a remake, somewhere someone will start making it?



Wow. The gift that just keeps on giving.


Fortunately, I have never watched a single one.


Best thing…I mean the only thing to happen to him since 90210


Amen brother. Preach On!


Not gonna lie… Unfortunately I’ve seen them all thanks to my wife n kids. They know it’s dopey but they have fun watching. That’s my sacrifice. Touching right?


ill give you something to touch


Mrs KFK took me to a movie last night.


If you liked the first hangover movie you’d probably like this one too.

Very funny movie.


With headlines like “Critics Are Outraged Over the Gratuitous Nudity in Natalie Dormer and Emily Ratajkowski’s New Movie” how could this possibly suck?


I was interested from your tagline before I watched the trailer.
Then I forgot that trailers always start to spoil the plot (these days) and didn’t pause it halfway through…
Sigh. Still, I might give this a watch whenever it comes out (not cinema though).



is this a series or a movie?


It’s a movie July 27th


I have heard that about you.


I’m very excited to see
Skyscraper with Dwayne Johnson
And awaiting the Announcement of The 9th installment of Fast and Furious series


This makes me sad. I like Joaquin well enough but that smile just isn’t the Joker. Maybe if the Joker had a stroke. Can we bring Ledger back from the dead please?

The laugh at the end doesn’t match the laugh when he laughs. Sounds more like Hamill’s Joker.


No! That’s terribad.


Nazis and zombies. Wheres BJ Blaskowitz


Saw this earlier and didn’t have a chance to post it. Looks interesting