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No mustache, no Magnum P.I.


No Tom Selleck, no Magnum PI.


This. It’s well overdue


No higgie baby





For those of us that watched the first one, I didn’t even know it was on until this morning.

The Toys That Made Us season 2 is on Netflix now.


another transformers.




Anyone checked out Impulse on YouTube? Watched the first 5 min but haven’t sat down to finish. Seemed interesting




Dragos back bitches!!!


Cool Story, Bro time:

One of my coworkers is a corner man for Drago’s son in the movie. He spent a week downtown and had a good time, met all the stars and what not.


I loved Creed. I’m a little worried this one will rely on too many callbacks to Rocky IV, though. Hopefully this is the last of the callbacks and further Creed movies stand on their own story.


However, I’m all for a revamp of “No Easy Way Out” with this movie.


When are we getting an Over the Top remake?!?

Shit I was just kidding, and it’s gonna happen now…