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Sadly this looked good but…


on the other hand there is this…it will be fun



That looks rough.



Watched the Titan last night. Very little happens throughout the whole movie.

Very unremarkable movie.


Trailer looked good but critics tore it apart…thank you for saving my time. @koldfront_kraig


Wasn’t enough Penis in it for KFK.


never ever enough peen


I just watched A quiet Place. If you like scary movies this one may do it for you. Edge of your seat movie. Very good movie.

Interesting idea for a movie. I wouldn’t last a day in that environment. Snoring, groaning when I get up, noisy eating. Mrs KFK says it sounds like I’m eating a mouth full of rocks when I’m eating a marshmallow.


New Solo trailer.



a shark movie

what an original concept

never seen one of those movies before


So you’re saying you don’t want to review the drafts of my new scripts for Sharkquake, Sharkicane, and Sharkizzard?


Don’t forget sharknami


I’m really excited for my sequel to Sharkizzard - Sharkizzard 2: Sharkizzy in da Hizzy


It’s the only movie on netflix i’ve bothered to rate and it was a big thumbs down. Boring AF


If you’re looking for a good movie on Nextflix, this one is worth checking out:


Watched this. Not half bad. I’d give it probably 6.5/10