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followed closely by this guy:

extra credit if you know who this is


The guy looks like he’s compensating for something. BTW, it’s Sepiroth.


Def seeing this




Jessica…I missed you


Just a note for anyone who missed it, Beers posted the trailer for S2 of Jessica Jones earlier in the thread.


A little back I posted the trailer for season 3 of Ash vs Evil Dead, but had yet to watch a single episode of the show. Well, now I’m into season 2 and I love it.

One of the best fight scenes has got to be this one…

If you haven’t watched it, check it out.

Netflix Recommendations


That was probably one of the most WTF things I have ever watched.


Yep… that was pretty gross. Entertaining. But gross.




Sweetness. New Deadpool Trailer.


I was just posting this. I can’t fucking wait.


Lost in Space is getting good buzz.


the trailer looks promising



Cannot wait. I love what they always do with music, it was like a game trying to pick out the modern songs they played on piano during last season.


Westworld caught me off guard. It was recommended by a co-worker and after a couple episodes I was hooked. The countdown is on!