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Upcoming Movies & TV Shows - Trailers, Talk, Bitching and Moaning



Here are a few that I am looking forward to seeing.


Passengers looks interesting. Not sure I can get behind the premise of The Accountant. Kinda looks silly.


Yea, I just saw the passengers trailer last night. I was not sold on Live by Night. Start up mobster back story, meh.
I will watch the new Reacher, but still disappointed they cast Cruise for that role. I’ve been reading that series for a years and I just can’t fit him in my mind for that character. Mostly because one of the characters primary details and plot supporting features is his large size and strength. They do a good job making cruise look bigger but its just not the Jack Reacher from the books.


I didn’t know these were books. I agree with Cruise being cast in that case, but damn if he didn’t kill the first one. Looking forward to the next one.


Yea, they released the 20th book in the series this year. First one was published in '97.




Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but it’s good.




That 31 looks awesome.


I had no idea what it was…it was great.


Holy shit it looks brutal. This is where I say “I’ll have to check that out” but will never get around to it, all the while really liking the trailer and honestly being interested


Agreed with you on reacher. He’s supposed to be 6-5 and blonde. He’s also badass and is a phenomenal sniper. I think they went for the badass part, and I think in this movie they’ll touch on his sniper aspects. Definitely hard to picture after reading the books tho.






Some of these movies are not definite but have release dates assigned to them for 2017.

World War Z 2? Jumanji Remake? Flatliners Remake? We need Wentz to save us from this madness.


WWZ 2? :-1:
Jumanji Remake with the Rock? :-1:
Flatliners Remake? :point_left: Not sure about that one.

Pirates of the Caribbean.

:+1: Trailer coming today.