Universal Components - Why they're still useful.


I’ve seen a lot of people question what the point of universal components is - the armor and shield from them is so low (150ish) compared to javelin specific components (2000~ depending on javelin). The major difference is the type of inscriptions that can roll on the components.

TL:DR: Universal components can give better stats giving increased damage and more health than if using javelin specific alone.

Javelin specific components only roll with “Secondary” stats. These are stats like + ammo, luck, harvest, pickup radius, supply drop, repair etc.

Universal components are able to roll with “Primary” stats. These are what have the potential to make them more worthwhile than Javelin Specific components. These stats include things like + damage (overall, melee, crit, elemental, specific elements and specific gear slots, specific weapons), + speed to gear and + Shield Max and + Armor Max.

So from that we can plainly see we can increase our overall damage if we get properly rolled stats on universal components. However, the biggest issue people seem to have is the cost to armor and shields. As I stated before, the universals can also roll with + Shield/Armor Max - my research tells me this can roll up to 80% (I’ve seen 75% on my own components.)

But is it worth it for the base drop in armor/shield?

We’ll use the ranger for an example. (Values/examples for other suits are below.) The ranger components give 2184 to both armor and shields. If we assume that we have 5/6 slots javelin specific and roll one universal with +80% Max Armor - not including the base health for each javelin (as I have no idea what that is, but would result in a net gain.) We would have this as a result:

10920 Armor from specific components, 8736 from +80% universal.

Rolling +80% armor on a universal effectively gives that piece (assuming using 5 javelin specific pieces) an armor value of 8885 - which is far greater than any other component available. “But Khaprel, we probably won’t get a perfect 80% roll on it.” True, but as long as you have at least a 20% roll it will be a net gain over using a suit specific component. We also have the second inscription roll on the component that could increase our shields as well, or increase our damage in some way, so overall these have the potential to be better.

Even using only 4 specifics, (8736 armor) and a single +50% Armor universal(4368 armor) gives us a total of 13104 Armor. The exact amount of using all 6 specific components. This frees us up to use some of the universal components, which with the new masterwork versions gives us more options to flesh out our builds. This will be important to keep in mind as we sort through gear to balance our survivability and damage in the future.

Here are the numbers for the armor/shield amount on each MW Javelin specific component:
Ranger: 2184/2184
Colossus: 10897/4329
Storm: 1492/2836
Interceptor: 2836/1492

Assuming 5 suit specific, and 1 universal with +80 Armor
Ranger: 10920 Armor from specific components, 8736 from +80% universal. 19656 Total
Colossus: 54485 Armor from specific components, 43588 from +80% universal. 98073 Total
Storm: 7460 Armor from specific components, 5968 from +80% universal. 13428 Total
Interceptor: 14180 Armor from specific components, 11344 from +80 universal. 25524 Total.