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They really picked the assassin out of Assassin’s Creed, eh?

Far Cry 6 teaser looks sick though.

Was gone in Odyssey as well.

Very true, should rename it to Merc’s Creed.

I just hope it actually ties into the Creed unlike Odyssey. I heard one of the DLCs had something about the hidden blade, but I don’t know beyond that.

Ubisoft confirms there will be another Ubisoft Forward event

Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot popped up at the end of the event, saying, “I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen today, and that you will love playing these games. I am proud of our teams for delivering an ambitious, broad, and creative lineup of games, and we haven’t shown you everything yet. In fact, we have a lot more to come. So you will have another Ubisoft Forward to reveal even more about our upcoming games.”

Ubisoft Forward brought several release date announcements, including an Assassin’s Creed Valhalla release date, a release date and new trailer for Watch Dogs: Legion, and an official reveal of Far Cry 6 along with its release date too. Yet there were also several Ubisoft games we’ve been hoping for that weren’t shown during tonight’s event, including Gods & Monsters, Skull & Bones, Beyond Good and Evil 2, and Rainbow Six Quarantine. Guillemot doesn’t specify whether there will be new reveals specifically in this next Ubisoft Forward, or just reveals of more details for games which have already been announced. For now, however, we can hope that one or more of these other anticipated titles will be shown at the next event.

Just watched the new gameplay trailer, can’t wait! Fighting engine reminds me of AC III.

Update: The second Ubisoft Forward event will take place in September, as confirmed during Ubisoft’s recent earnings call thanks, PC Gamer. No specific date was given, nor was there any clue as to what might be shown; however, there are several major games we didn’t see during the last Ubisoft Forward such as Gods & Monsters, Skull & Bones, Beyond Good and Evil 2, and Rainbow Six Qurantine. The first two are a definite possibility: Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot says Gods & Monsters and Skull & Bones are “well on the way”. What are you hoping to see in September? Let us know in the comments!

The Next Ubisoft Forward presentation scheduled for September 10th

The next Ubisoft Forward digital showcase will take place next week on September 10th at 12pm PDT / 8pm BST. We’ll get a look at Watch Dogs: Legion, Rainbow Six Siege, and an update on Gods & Monsters — or, as it’s now called, Immortals Fenyx Rising.

Before the main show, there’ll be updates on Roller Champions, The Division 2 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint, followed by the big hitters: Watch Dogs: Legion, Rainbow Six Siege, Gods & Monsters Immortals Fenyx Rising, and other “yet-to-be revealed surprises.”

Gods & Monsters was a highly-anticipated new IP, and noticeably absent from the last Ubisoft Forward. Ubisoft confirmed the title change, saying there’ll be “a much-anticipated update on our new IP, Immortals Fenyx Rising, formerly known as Gods & Monsters” during the event. The Gods & Monsters Twitter account also seems to have changed its name to match.

Fenyx is the game’s protagonist, and in our Gods & Monsters roundup, we talk about how Fenyx will be fully customisable. The game revolves around Fenyx’s quest to save the Greek gods from Typhon, a fearsome beast straight from the tales of Greek mythology. Fenyx will have powers from the gods, and the whole thing will be narrated by epic poet Homer. At least — that’s the last we heard of the game. It’s unclear, yet, whether this title change also means a change in gameplay or story. It’s also unclear why Ubisoft has gone for the change. Maybe it’s to promote the protagonist, or perhaps to avoid confusion with Ian McKellen’s sombre period drama, Gods and Monsters. Given that the movie came out in 1998, that’s probably much less likely.

It seems we’ll have to wait and see. The Immortals Fenyx Rising devs say we’ll have a full reveal on September 10th, and we’ll be sure to bring you all major updates. What do you think? Are you a fan of the new name for Gods & Monsters? Is there anything else you’re hoping to see, like Ubisoft’s mysterious Skull & Bones or Beyond Good and Evil 2?