TWAB 8/8/19 Shadowkeep news
I dont always post the TWABs but seems like they are adressing thome thing that have been discussed in GRG quite a bit soooo…

THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE - 08/08/2019

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This week at Bungie, we’re preparing for a mass migration of Guardians.

This fall, the launch of Shadowkeep and New Light will deliver some bold new ways for you to manage your Guardian lifestyle. Between now and launch, we’ll have plenty of time to talk about your impending freedom to control how you look and fight. Right now, let’s focus on the ways we’ll be able to decide where you’ll play.

Two important updates just went live with this article:

This is a resource for players who have been playing Destiny 2 on PC and will be moving with us to our new home on Steam. In keeping with the announcement from last week about our new launch window, Destiny 2 will arrive on Steam for the first time on October 1. Before that happens, on August 20 , you’ll be invited to begin the process of linking your PC player accounts for a smooth transition of your Guardians and all your game purchases.

This is a resource for players who know they’ll be playing Destiny 2 in more than one place this Fall. Cross Save will finally let us unify our adventures across many platforms. The launch of Cross Save is planned for August 21 . Before that happens, check out the new information we’re serving up about how it will work and what you’ll be able to bring with you. If you’ve been nurturing Guardians on more than one account, you’ll have some choices to make.


Players of Destiny have a lot of questions about Shadowkeep. We wouldn’t have it any other way, because we have a lot to tell you between now and launch. This is more than a Moon mission. We’re kicking off a whole new year of play, with some interesting evolutions for the experience. Without assigning exact dates to each moment, here is a sequence of events (in the order they will occur) that will broaden your understanding of what you’ll be playing in October:

1. ‘Director’s Cut’ with Luke Smith

2. Armor Customization Preview livestream

3. More Shadowkeep details at gamescom

4. Cross Save launch

5. How Seasons will change in D2Y3

6. PVP reveal for Shadowkeep

7. An invitation to the Crucible at PAX

And the rest will be packed into the last mile, during September. Those are the big-ticket items that we plan to cover in depth, but it’s not the full list of everything we’ll talk about. We’ll hear from Luke a number of times as we tackle these topics, beginning early next week. Thanks for going on the journey with us.

Watch this space.


Many of you have asked us to elaborate on what we’ve referred to as “Armor 2.0.”

Next week, we’ll do just that – and we’ll do it live!

Armor Customization Preview Livestream


Building a Better Monster Killing Machine

August 14, 2019 – 10AM Pacific

Tune in wherever you feel most at home to watch three developers from Bungie build their ideal Titan, Hunter, or Warlock. They’ll apply Mods, Artifacts, and Ornaments to build their own version of the perfect monster killing machine. Then we’ll test those builds in the new Sandbox.


Solstice of Heroes is live!

For a limited time, you’re all invited to visit the European Aerial Zone – think of it as a summer vacation with some fabulous loot as your souvenir. Have you tricked out your dress uniform yet? One of the mission parameters is to defeat 100 Minibosses. Some of you have expressed that this is a few too many Boss Fights. Upon further analysis, we have agreed.

The total expectation is being revised down, from 100 to 50. The change goes live next week. If you have been struggling to hit this milestone, help is on the way. If you already hit it, please go easy on your fellow Guardians who pleaded for mercy.

Now we come to the part where I pass the mic to our Player Support Team to provide a more in-depth tactical briefing on how we deploy bits to your video game machine.


100 down to 50. Sweet.


Damn, I just grinded minibosses tuesday night. About 75. It took a bit but wasn’t too bad when you leave after the miniboss wave.

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Is this live now? Because that’s one of my steps at the moment.

I’m thinking this Monday or Tuesday at the earliest for the update.

The update hits Tuesday…so only do 50 and work on the other shit…I did 100 grrrr