Turns Out Ubisoft Used Far Cry 4's Map To Make Far Cry Primal

Far Cry 4

Far Cry Primal http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--gUAXQitZ--/y38nqcqxnaqycvgj1xuf.jpg

Far Cry Primal is something of an spinoff for the series—a stopgap release meant to fill the hole between Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5. So it’s no surprise to see it recycling things from its predecessor.

As first discovered by the website Gamepressure.com, Far Cry Primal’s map is actually based on Far Cry 4. A source familiar with Ubisoft confirmed to me this afternoon that this was indeed the case, and that the developers of Primal used Far Cry 4’s heightmaps—units of topography storage—as a basis for the map in their game, which was released last week. (Stephen really dug it.)

I think we all knew they would recycle some things. I would have never known they recycled the map if not for this article. You cannot tell at all as the environment, foliage, etc is different.

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That’s both funny and remarkably sad. That takes my level of laziness and raises it to a whole new level.

Call of Duty has been doing it for years. They always reuse reload animations. It’s bad.


Yea I wouldn’t call it lazy. Most businesses that are into making money are gonna cut corners where they can. Like I said I wouldn’t have noticed if they had not published this article. COD on the other hand is easily recognizable.