Trying to Decide between these 2 laptops....

Need some advice. Looking for a laptop for traveling and getting some gaming in.

Right now i have a ROG G75VW.
i7-3610 2.3 GHz
GTX-670M 3BG

I wanna get a 15" for more Travel convenience. And I am looking at a $500-1000 price range. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

So i have it narrowed down to these two i think…

  • MSI GS63 Stealth
  • ASUS ROG GU501

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I voted MSI for the simple reason it has a bigger OS SSD. They are basically the same. Reviews are similar. I didn’t look at or research warranty but that would be the next thing I looked at.

I went with the MSI as well for the same reason. Dont look like you can go wrong with either.

Windows will eat up the 128gb like nothing.

thought win 10 only took like 50gigs? that being with the updates

I had a laptop before I decided to return and get a desktop because that’s what I really wanted. I would go with the MSI for the bigger hard drive like everyone above has stated but I do know that the fans will be loud when playing games. It does get toasty!

You can be ok with a 128 GB SSD, but you’ll need to make sure you use programs that you can move to the secondary drive. Some programs (ahem…chrome) won’t let you change the location - which fucking annoys me.

Third vote for MSI. That extra SSD space is definitely necessary. And Aluminum Black is sharp.

My MSI had treated me nicely.

Only Asus laptop I ever used started giving me a mild electric current if I rested on the housing.

Not strong reasons but first impressions stick.

Ended up getting the Acer Predator Helios 300 15"

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