Treyarch dev hits back at claims they don’t fix Cold War bugs quick enough

After claims that Black Ops Cold War developers aren’t fixing bugs and issues quick enough, Treyarch’s Community Manager hit back, explaining why that isn’t the case.

Like almost all AAA titles, Black Ops Cold War has had its fair share of bugs and issues since launch. Many of these have now been addressed going into Season 2, and they’ve even adjusted the maps following player feedback, but players understandably still express frustration when things don’t work right.

Josh Torres, Treyarch’s Community Manager, had a lengthy back and forth with Reddit user ‘Timbishop123’ who claims Treyarch aren’t fixing “bugs and connection issues” with the game.

“We’re absolutely fixing issues,” hit back Torres, who goes by FoxhoundFPS online. “This entire page is a testament to that,” he wrote, linking to their official Trello board of known bugs and issues.

comment from FoxhoundFPS

Torres asked the user what they were hoping to get from claiming issues aren’t being addressed, and the user replied. After thanking Torres for responding, Timbishop123 gave a lengthy response reporting consistent connection issues that have stopped them from playing the game. They called Cold War a “subpar product not worth the AAA price,” and compared it to a mobile game.

Torres responded again, noting that there have been connection issues plaguing Cold War. “We’ve addressed a number of those issues and are continuing to manage them,” he explained.

He then went on to disagree with the claim that Black Ops Cold War is on par with a mobile game, and wouldn’t have been well received in 2013. “While tastes and mechanics vary from title to title, I think we’re on par with “the new era of COD” and exceed our historical titles,” Torres explained. “We take the feedback in stride, and we fix the issues that we can (so far, so good on fixing things we are encountering).”

Torres concluded by asking for genuine feedback from the player. “What would you change?” he asked. “Remove stability/crash issues aside, what would make Black Ops Cold War better? Let it rip.”

At the time of writing, the user hasn’t responded to this request.

For the entire back and forth, you can check out the full Black Ops Cold War Reddit thread.

As one of the resident COD guy’s (or person) I am wondering, what is the one thing you would change the most about Cold War, not Warzone?


Literally everything Cold War is not. It’s just a low effort cash grab tossed together last moment and it shows. It’s absolutely a giant step back from Modern Warfare. I’d be playing any other shooter if there was any other shooter out right now.