Top Ten K/D Weapons in Season 4

#10 – Black Ops Cold War AK-47

Picked by quite a lot of players in Warzone Season 4, it doesn’t quite the most formidable of K/D ratios in comparison to later entries on this list. Yet, this world-renowned Assault Rifle packs the usual meaty punch you’d expect from an AK-47.

The Cold War AK-47 kicks off the top 10 list with a 1.03 K/D ratio, making it a good weapon to use in Warzone.

#9 – Groza

If you can overlook the eyesore that is the Groza’s iron sight growth, there’s actually a mightily impressive weapon underneath. With the right attachments to clamp down on its recoil, the Groza can compete with many of the game’s top ARs.

The Cold War Assault Rifle has proved capable in combat earning a 1.03 K/D ratio for its troubles.

#8 – Milano 821

A gun that very much falls under the reborn category. The Milano 821’s presence has been pretty much non-existent throughout Warzone’s lifetime, and now it’s become a go-to for so many players. Built in a similar fashion to the MAC-10, the Milano is uncharted waters for most players, which only adds to the intrigue of using it.

Its Season 4 fame means that as well as a 6.4% pick rate, the Milano also boasts a 1.04 K/D.

#7 – CARV.2

Probably an unexpected candidate for this list as burst meta has all but died in the game, but having the CARV.2 as ground loot will have influenced the stats a lot.

In any event, the common use of the CARV.2 has given the gun a fairly respectable 1.05 K/D.

#6 – FARA 83

The FARA 83 has had an interesting rollercoaster of a time in Call of Duty: Warzone. When it first appeared in Warzone Season 2, the reception was lukewarm, then people realized it could be used as an SMG. Then it disappeared into obscurity again, then it became the de facto gun in Season 4 for a while.

Most players have had a good time using the FARA 83, and it’s meant that the weapon has been able to secure itself a 1.05 K/D.

#5 – Nail Gun

Yes, the Nail Gun has caused some serious damage in its Season 4 debut, becoming a favorite weapon of many. Another weapon that has been subjected to nerfs and, despite its tiny ammo size, this weapon has made a name for itself by hammering opponents into the ground.

Using some DIY, we’ve been able to establish that the Nail Gun has an average K/D ratio of 1.08.

#4 – CR-56 AMAX

It can be argued that Warzone Season 3 was about as balanced as the game’s meta has ever been. But if the argument could be made for one gun, it would have to be the AMAX. This gun has tore up countless lobbies, ruined many dreams, and it took several nerfs to remove it from its pedestal.

Plenty of players are still enjoying the AMAX in Season 4, and it retains a strong 1.14 K/D.

#3 – C58

A new addition to Warzone Season 4, the C58 Assault Rifle left people a bit undecided initially, but the weapon has bounced back to become one of the game’s top killers. Its slow rate of fire is combated by powerful shots and good accuracy.

It narrowly misses out on 2nd place with a solid 1.18 K/D.

#2 – Streetsweeper

This will come as a surprise to many, especially given its measly pick rate of just 0.2%, but the Streetsweeper is a ferocious monster that enjoys killing. The Automatic Shotgun is more than capable of pumping rounds into a group of enemies and destroying a squad.

As such, the Streetsweeper boasts an impressive K/D of 1.19, maybe more people should use it.

#1 – Black Ops Cold War MP5

It was during Season 3 that players suddenly realized that the Cold War MP5 is actually an incredible machine capable of ending enemies very quickly. It’s fast and astoundingly accurate with a good clip and can outperform other SMG beats such as the MAC-10 or LC10.

It currently ranks as the number one K/D dominator standing at the top of the leaderboard with a 1.22 K/D in Warzone Season 4.

hmm thats unique list. some of those i dont like. MP5 i do like over the Mac 10 or LC 10 but would take a bullfrog or PPH over it. will have to try the AMAX again. Need to rank up the C58, the pickups in Warzone are decent.