Tom Clancy’s The Division Gets Spectacular New Trailer Showing an “Agent’s Journey”

Ubisoft just released a brand new trailer of Tom Clancy’s The Division, that will release for PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 8th.

The trailer gives an overview on the setting, and on the agents, which are the characters that we’ll play in the game. We also get to take a glimpse on the agents’ base of operations and safe houses.

Some of the nifty tech gadget that will be at our disposal are also featured.


sweet. looks good. gimme that beta

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It’s a great trailer. Hope there is a decent character creator. Still not sure how I feel about the “dark zone”

Looking like a winner to me…bring on the beta!

BETA BETA BETA. Im ready to actually try this game out. Still a bit skeptical because its Ubisoft, but I am liking the aesthetic of it and hoping customization is good.

I was skeptical of this game a while back but with each preview they put out it sucks me in more and more. I can see myself preordering and putting some real effort into this game.

Just watched video. Damn, this looks great. Feel like I could really sink my teeth into this one!

Seriously, wow.

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I am dying to spill my guts on the Alpha right now. Damn NDA. All I can say is that based on what I played in the Alpha I am excited for the Beta.


When can you talk about it? After beta begins, I would assume?

actually its either not at all ever or after the full product releases. I forget which and don’t feel like looking it up right now.

Either way after the beta comes out it will be moot as everyone will be able to talk about that. Why talk about the alpha after that.

I’m getting the pre-order of the gold edition, but may cancel if beta is not good. My concerns are: 3PS mechanics and Ubisoft’s abysmal track record at launching games…I’'m cautiously optimistic though…