Titanfall Battle Royale: Apex Legends

It looks like Titanfall is getting in on the Battle Royale Game mode nonsense. Next up is My Pretty Pony Battle Royale. Expect to see it released on Monday and on all major platforms (PC, PS4 and XB1). It’s free to play and oddly enough will not have titans. Player count will be 60 people. If anything you can’t beat the price.


If thre was any game id like for battle royal it would be this game, the movement in titanfall is very fluid i love it

Titanfall without the titans just doesn’t sound good. We’ll see. I’ll give it a go.

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Ya i get what you mean i just love the pilot mechanics with movement

Shouldn’t they have named it “Fall”?

Live reveal @ 11 AM EST.

Rumour: Apex Legends Map Possibly Leaked Ahead of Reveal

The rumoured and now confirmed Apex Legends is a free-to-play Battle Royale game from Respawn set in the Titanfall universe — though reportedly without Titans themselves. It looks like the game’s map may have been leaked by an insider, though the source is impossible to verify.

Rumoured map for Apex Legends

Posted on an anonymous Fireden board, the post comes from someone alleging to be part of the game’s release, stating “Y’all have been awesome. Can’t wait to see how apex is received.”. The anonymous poster also implied that this is just one of the game’s maps. They gave no indication of their alleged status in the game’s development.

If this is the map, it certainly looks pretty standard for a Battle Royale experience, although the distances between named locations make the map look worryingly small.

60 players only makes the smaller map ok.

If it stays at 60, yes. But not if it’s going to be up to 100

Initial impressions from stream?

Overwatch on drugs does BR.


Looks pretty dope to me. DLing now. Its free, why not try it?

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I’m dL’ing it also, but only because it’s free. I don’t know how I feel yet.

Way to go into it with an open mind…

With my open mind I thought…“It’s free, so what harm can it do?”

For those that missed it, or can’t be bothered to watch the stream:

Yesterday during the Super Bowl, buzz began around Respawn Entertainment’s latest title, Apex Legends. We didn’t know much about it other than it being a battle royale set in the Titanfall universe and that it would be revealed today. The stream began at noon sharp and within fifteen minutes a massive new AAA experience was announced and launched. Who needs E3 and years of hype building, anyway?

So what is it? It’s a free to play, squad-focused battle royale with characters. So think sort of like Overwatch meets Battlefield and PUBG . You’ll pick a character that you can customize however you like and that character has their own abilities that will need to function well within your squad. You’ll then all drop on the map, collect loot and slaughter your opponents all while running from an ever-closing wall of red mist. The goal is to be the last alive.

Respawn is also packing plenty of different features into the game to make sure Apex stands out. We’ve got characters, of course, but the gameplay itself can be different. First, it’s possible to respawn after you’ve died if your squad’s ready to risk running out into the open to bring you back. You’ll also be able to move around the map much more quickly. Instead of crates and the like, there will be a floating ship full of high quality loot. If you want to get all the details, you can check out the extended deep dive into the game below.

Apex Legends is out right now. It is free to play and you can download it now from here.

Sorry, too late. You’re not allowed to play.

@anon3687162 have HR draw up the paperwork.

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The PS4Players will still play with you Rabb.

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Its nothing like titanfall at all. Squads of three becuse of the 60 limit. No way map could handle 100. Wpuld be way too crowded. Game play 8s solid. Ttk is somewhat lenghty. Especially with armor. There is helemts and body armor. Although finding anything over level 1 is actually pretty rare from the few games i have pmayed so far. Weapons shot well. Most of them have a lot of recoil.

I hate that you can’t do anything, but trios.

Guns do have a lot of recoil, and I hate that you have to go right on the d-pad to equip a throwable and then throw it. You can’t throw anything when you have a gun in your hand.

So 2 rounds in and im having a blast i agree the grenades are a pain but managable, ill be on tonight to play with others