Thoughts on Vanguard so far..

I managed to play Campaign for a couple hours and 8-9 multiplayer rounds and 1 round of zombies yesterday.
Campaign - incredible on the series X on a 4k tv. Stunning scenes (even stopped to look around in a couple sequences and the cutscenes are like movies.
Zombies - Really interesting and frenetic action, still trying to figure out what the hell is going on, but I like it (and I’ve never been much of a zombies fan)
Multi-player: I was worried after the beta that the game might be a bit rough on launch but it’s been absolutely rock-solid for me. No lag, no drops, smooth action and the game feel is outstanding, it seems very polished, maybe even more polished than Cold War is now.
Im Really happy with the results. What did y’all think?

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I will, I always do play the campaign, but I haven’t tried it yet. I may start it up today.

If you’ve never been much of a zombies fan - two things.

  1. You should’ve liked Cold War Zombies, they held your hand through a lot of it and made it easier to attract the people who didn’t really like it - like @Lala_Calamari I liked it because it finally gave me people to regularly play Zombies with.
  2. You probably enjoy it as much as you do, because you aren’t really a fan of the Zombies mode. @Sniper_T1 being the exception - he seems to relly like it. Me, I’ll play it, but the round based mode, new areas, new activities, wonder weapons, new Outbreak mode…just new stuff, can’t come soon enough.

So far, so good. Haven’t really had any issues with launching, playing and staying in lobbies or games. Although we did have a couple of issues last night where the party messed up and we had to re start a party. And, hopefully, once they drop Ricochet the gameplay won’t be so suspect at times. And, it looks like custom games are working properly, albeit with minimal options, but customs none the less, so Wednesdays may be back.

What’s that???

I’ll check it out once they add in the Zombie quest. Right now I only played it for 20 minutes and it’s a severe downgrade from Cold War Zombies.

So far I’m enjoying Multiplayer a lot. I like the different Pacings as well as some of the larger maps. It’s a million times better than Cold War.

There are still some issues. One being, I can’t hear anyone running up to me. Whether they have Ninja or not. I just can’t hear enemy footsteps. At this point I just give up and accept the fact that I’ll never hear anyone’s footsteps in this game.

The other issue is TTK. I just think it’s too fast. There are so many 2 bullet kill builds in the game. If you have a bad connection to that round you’re screwed. Plus there is just no way to react to battles. It’s basically who sees who first.

Finally, they need to implement Ricochet (AntiCheat) ASAP. I’ve seen too many cheaters on the PC side. Also, I swear I see some for the XBox. Honestly don’t know how they do it on the XBox or if it’s even possible.