The Walking Dead: World Beyond

Just starting a thread to discuss the worst series of the franchise. I think we can all agree The Walking Dead" World Beyond is probably one of the worst shows ever to be aired on television. Really not much to say about that. We’re all watching for the glimpses of the CRM community. I can rant about this show all day but I’ll hold that off for later. I do have some questions though.

This takes place 10 years after the event. We start in a community that seems pretty well organized. They even have special areas for those at risk of dying and they can contain the zombie. So my question is, why haven’t they come up with way to euthanize those terminally ill? When the kid goes to see her “teacher” or whoever that was, she was in bad shape. On oxygen (where did they get that?) and everything. She knew her time was coming. Wouldn’t you want to go out on your own terms rather than become a zombie? Seems like that’s a choice most would want, right?

Other question is (and this is a spoiler of the 1st episode),

Why did they destroy that town?

Also, I missed the post credit scene for the last episode because I reached my tolerance for stupidity. Which is pretty high seeing how I run GRG and deal with so many potatoes.

So here’s the end credit scene. Finally seeing someone actually do experiments on the dead. Although he looks fresh, so did they kill him or did he have some accident or something?

I haven’t even managed to watch the 2nd episode yet.