The Walking Dead #192 (Comics) SPOILERS

Anyone here still read The Walking Dead comics? If so, have you had the chance to read 192? Holy Fuckballs, it’s a game changer. I’m really at a loss to figure out where this is all going.

I wanted to create a 2nd post so the spoilers didn’t hit chat. Our forum software links posts there.

Rick Grimes is Dead! He was shot in 191 and I guess we all thought he’d be injured but alive. NOPE! He was shot a few more times and turned into a zombie. Of course Carl had to kill him.

I’m not sure where they go from here. After the Negan fight, his arc really seemed to come to an end. Now I’m not sure how they’ll handle the Commonwealth or who will run that. The writers said no one was safe in the Walking Dead world and everyone dies but damn, this is nuts.

I am probably about 6 issues or so behind on this. Maybe more. J think it’s been since Jan since I’ve read any. Will have to catch up. The previous arc “after whisperers” was long drawn out and boring.

At least the issues are quick, you should be up to date in no time.

Yea may hit it this evening now…

I was really only 5 issues back. Finished it up and caught up. Was a good issue, but I still think it’s gotten dry throughout this current arc. I don’t think we’ll see another gov or even all out war, but this arc was painful at times.

Yes, I agree the Commonwealth was a bit too slow.

I also think it would of been better if Zombie Rick got loose and infected the Commonwealth. Started a new epidemic.

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Agreed with spoiler, however, the aftermath of what happened was pretty powerful.