The Reapercast Episode 16!

ReaperCast Episode 16
When: October 15, 2015 9:30 PM EST

Where: Twitch

Special Guest: Evolve Yourself


Hello Reapers!

Disney here–I just wanted to remind everyone that this Thursday night, October 15 will be episode 16 of The Reapercast. This week Johnny and I will joined by an old school member of the community who will be doing member spotlight our very own Evolve Yourself! For those of you who have not been around for a while or not on Xbox he’s the man that has no issues posting nasty pictures of his diseased toe in the forums! As usual we will be going live at 9:30 p.m. Eastern time and it will be broadcast live on our twitch tv channel at We hope to see everyone there and as usual please feel free to speak up in the chat, you never know we might just call you out live during the show!

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Ewwwwwwww !!! I remember those fucked up toe pictures , They have been burnt in my brain ever since that day ( Barf !!! )

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Finally someone that shares my love for Ghosts. get ready Disney.

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You are a glutton for punishment.

Watching it right now

As the corporate consultant I hereby decree that on the next podcast…

If the Mets win Johnny will sing Meet the Mets

If the Cubs win Disney will do a Harry Carey impersonation

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