The ReaperCast 156 - Old Men Yelling at Clouds!

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  • The Division Heartland – Free 2 play Division game
  • Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance Will Be On Xbox Game Pass On Day One
  • Destiny 2 News
    • New Season
    • Crossplay “accidentally added”
  • Call of Duty News 
    • Easter Egg coming to Outbreak
  • TV and Movies
    • Jupiter’s Legacy – Netflix show
    • Star Wars Bad Batch
    • Castlevania
    • Lala Watched a show!

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I forgot to add in my other issue with Falcon and Winter Soldier. Doesn’t he get an Avenger’s paycheck or something? Because his whole issue with the family boat just makes zero sense. He’s only fought with the Avengers saving the world from Aliens, robots, etc over and over. He flies with the Military on missions all the time. It seems like the Government or the Avengers floating him some cash to fix up the little boat would trivial.

This is the stupid shit I hate with modern shows and movies.

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They don’t get paid dude. They do it all for the thrill of the fight.

Do they get handies at least? Got to figure the Avenger Groupies must be dying to stroke some Hulk Peen.