The ReaperCast 139 - Microsoft Buys Bethesda!

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Members on the Podcast

  • Lala Calamari
  • Grex
  • SoulessGrimm
  • ValiantVictory


  • Grex’s inability to use Heartbeat Sensors in Warzone!

Gaming and Geek News

  • Ubisoft Forward News
    • Far Cry VR
    • The Division 2’s new Game mode Summit.  A 100 Story Skyscraper “dungeon”
    • Sam Fisher is a new character in Rainbow Six Siege
  • PlayStation 5 News
    • Pre-orders sold out
    • Launch Titles
  • Destiny 2 News
    • Special Event – The quest serves to honor Matt Helsom
  • Call of Duty News
    • Season 6 Leaks
    • Black Ops Cold War Updates
  • Elder Scrolls Online New MarkMarth DLC
  • Microsoft buys ZeniMax Media which includes:
    • Bethesda
    • id Software
    • ZeniMax Online Studios
    • Arkane
    • MachineGames
    • Tango Gameworks
    • Alpha Dog
    • Roundhouse studios
  • Microsoft now owns the following titles (and many more) from the purchase
    • Elder Scrolls
    • Fallout
    • Wolfenstien
    • DOOM
    • Dishonored
    • Quake
    • Starfield
  • XBox Series X News
  • Entertainment News
    • WandaVision
    • The Mandalorian

Community Info

Originally published at:

Here is an interesting tidbit I found out shortly after we recorded while watching the Angry Joe video on the MS / ZeniMax purchase. Disney bought the Star Wars franchise for 4 Billion… 3.5 less that what MS bought ZeniMax Media. I was a little shocked over that.