The ReaperCast 137 - Epic vs Apple

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Member Spotlight

  • Ntelnsyde


  • RNGesus screwing me over

Gaming and Geek News

  • NTel’s discussion on Controllers
  • Bjorn’;s Astroneer server is live and open to join
  • Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 available for pc on the 18th
  • The Batman Teaser Trailer
  • Halo Infinite News
  • Epic vs Apple

Community Info

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Thank you @ntelnsyde for coming on the show. Hope to have you on again sometime!

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Here is the link to the Astroneer server @Nanookbjorn has set up.

only thing I can think of is that most of the development staff just don’t have the hardware they do at the office needed to do the work at home. The high-end heavy graphics processor machines to render the code. Its not like they are coding on some Dell Laptop.

I would imagine the graphic designers need special equipment as well.