The ReaperCast 132 - SpaceX gets it done!

Grim Reaper Gamers hosts a Bi-Weekly Podcast where we talk about Community News, Video Games, Beer and whatever else we feel like discussing.

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  • Continuing the Non-Rant Rant sections.
  • Going Positive. Discuss Space X launch and ISS docking.

Gaming and Geek News

  • Maneater review (quick one)
  • Minecraft dungeons released
  • Destiny Seasons – Valiant
  • Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor
  • Call of Duty Season 4
  • Quarantine Viewing
    • Snowpiercer
    • Barry
    • Ghost in the shell 2045
    • Star Wars – Valiant Nerding out
      • Clone Wars
      • Disney Gallery: The Mandelorian

Community Info

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Well the CoD Season 4 didn’t happen…

What happen to it?

IW decided to delay because of reasons…

this is the dual of fates i was referencing in my SW nerd section…

Dave Filoni is one of directors of Mandelorian

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Minecraft Dungeons is a fun casual game. Something to just chill with and not rage. Its basically Diablo with a Minecraft skin. There is no Building and no mining. Cross-play is supposedly coming in the future.


oh and @Lala_Calamari not knowing who Rosario Dawson is. For Shame

Embarrassed Shame GIF