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What"s that? was there football this weekend? Didn’t even realize it.


Foosball is the Devil!


Solo first place, bitches


FU Bitch. I am the 2nd highest scoring team. I am even have 2 points more than you and I can’t get a win to save my soul.

Edited to add: It’s like this in most of my leagues. Every team I play plays their best game that week.

Edited to add more: We play this week so prepare to break scoring records.


You two bitches are lucky you’re not in the league with me… :wink:


You do have some points but you also haven’t had shit scored against you. 653 is the lowest scored against in our league and you are close to 40 points below that. Must be nice when it works out that way.

Texas has only score 4 more points than scored against him and he is 4-1. How? LOL.

I have scored 40 more points than scored against and I am 2-3.




Wow, the Saquon 2 pt conversion gave me the win by 1.5 points this week. There was only :05 left in the game.

I might have came, don’t judge


No playoffs? Um…okay then…


Not sure why, I am looking into it. It was setup the exact same way the other league was yet I don’t even have an option to make the playoffs happen in that league.

Edited to add: It won’t let me change anything now. Sorry guys.

The weirdest thing is I double checked to make sure they were the same. The other league still has another week to play before playoffs. I even made custom schedules. Not sure what is going on. Going to see if I can get some help from ESPN.


I’m good with no playoffs hahaha


We have playoffs. You are going down son.




So, how do these playoffs work? First (Post Mahomes) getsva bye and the top pkays bottom, and so on?


No byes. You play @Claude505 . I play @TEXENT again. We just played.


Oh, So 7th is out? Okay.