The Reaper Bowl 2018 - Fantasy Football - Sign Up Now

Well, at least I get to hassle @shortbus still.



If we can get two more we will have 2 leagues of 8.

I can’t wait to beat Grumpy!!!

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I have the draft set for Sunday September 2nd at 9:00 ET. If you can’t make it please let me know below. We have a few that auto draft every year so if you can’t make it you won’t be the only one. If the majority can’t make it I will change the date.

I’m good

I’ll be 50/50 whether I can make it or not. Wife is considering a party for that Sunday given the next day is the holiday. If we do that, autodraft will get me a better team than me live drafting three sheets to the wind. lol

I’ll be on for the draft. I’m working that night but I’ll make it.

Just got invited to a baseball game this night but if the cell signal is good i’ll draft from my phone.

@Claude505 @ReaperMan10 Please check your emails and join the league. If you don’t join by 8 PM ET the league draft will be canceled.

We split into 2 leagues to make room for you guys as you were the last two to sign up. I sent the emails over a week ago and you have had the time to join.

Without you 2 we have a league with only 5 people in it. That isn’t fun and not fair to the people that did join, and have scheduled time out of their day for the draft.

If league 2 isn’t filled by draft time I am canceling it and the 5 of us just won’t get to play this year. The other leagues draft is scheduled for the same time and they are full and ready to go. It will be to much of a pain in the ass to get the 5 in league 2 back into league 1 by draft time.

Hey Digital,

Sorry haven’t been checking my emails. I’m looking for the link to sign up but can’t find it.

Check your PMs on the forums. I sent it to your email you gave me for ESPN a few seasons ago. Let me know if I need to send it to a different one.


When will we know if it’s still on?

And when we do it, do we get into a chat party or something, or just go on the site and draft?

It’s on.

Go to the site a little before 9 to make sure you can get into the draft. There will be a link. We can party on Discord if people want.


On a positive note, I don’t think I could have done any worse had I drafted myself.

Half the team questionable and 1 suspension. :+1:

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Well, @shortbus got this guy:

49ers’ Jerick McKinnon done for season with torn ACL, report says

The 49ers were dealt a massive blow Saturday as running back Jerick McKinnon tore his ACL in practice and will now miss the rest of the season, according to ESPN.

McKinnon made a cut at practice and went down without being touched.

San Francisco has yet to announce anything definitive, but the team was worried after practice.

“Something with a knee, we’ll find out later,” head coach Kyle Shanahan told reporters. “We’re nervous about it, that’s for sure.”

Shanahan went on to tell reporters they fear McKinnon’s injury may be season ending.

“We hope that we’re wrong,” he said, via NBC Sports.

McKinnon will undergo an MRI so the team can have a better idea of the injury.

San Francisco signed McKinnon to a four-year, $36.9 million deal this offseason. The team was comfortable letting an established running back in Carlos Hyde leave the team himself because they had big plans for McKinnon.

At this point, those plans are on hold.


I’m gonna smoke y’all fools. I had to have a Week 1 bye to give y’all a chance

That fool got dropped. This is the punishment that the FF gods bestowed upon me for eating ribs instead of drafting myself. The auto-draft made me a RB machine, cripes I have like 8 RBs.

Otherwise I’m pretty happy with my team.


I set up your team with a second owner so we could draft. If you would still like to manage it (auto drafted team) just sign up for the league.

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Hey @GrumpyInUt - you get your dream match-up right off the bat, how lucky are you to be my first victim!!

I sure hope Le’Veon shows up to the facility this week… LOL!

He will show up Friday so he doesn’t lose money and play in week 3.