The New Battlefield Will Be Playable At EA Play, Which Returns Before E3 This Year

Rather than being a part of E3 proper, Electronic Arts will once again host its own dedicated event just prior to the start of the gaming industry’s major event in June. EA has confirmed the first details about EA Play 2018, including the fact that the next Battlefield will be playable there.

As you’d expect, there are virtually no details on what the game will be; EA simply says that EA Play attendees will “have a chance to play the next Battlefield experience.” The publisher had previously confirmed the next entry in the series would release later this year, so we’d expect to have learned the first details by the time June rolls around. However, we’ve learned nothing yet about what to expect from the game, including what era it will take place in after Battlefield 1 went to World War I.

EA Play 2018 will take place in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Palladium from June 9-11; E3 begins the following day, on June 12, also in LA. A press conference will take place on June 9 and will be streamed online.

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I’d like to know if squads can stay on the same team. Fuck this Team Balancing shit. I’d like to get a few GRG squads running on the same team. I know that will never happen which really is a shame.

I thought they were fixing that for BF1. If they don’t get that going for the new one I have even less reason to get it.

We could never keep our squads on the same team. After the first game it would split us up for the night. Not because we were good but because we PTFO’d and our scores were high. Really soured me towards BF titles.

Oh I know it’s one reason I don’t play it anymore. I could have sworn though recently someone posted that they were going to fix that in an upcoming patch.