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The Last Kingdom



^^^ probably true
I have been holding off on the recent season. Besides the predictability, I enjoyed how there process of tying the timelines and history together during the Tennant and Smith doctors.

Also, loved the first episode of The Last Kingdom. It will be next on my binge list.


That just seemed more episodic, less interesting (little -> no time travel and always in the same location) and although a little darker I think those bits were still off-camera?
Didn’t watch too many episdoes of it though.


Just finished watching The Last Kingdom.

Only 8 episodes! BOOOO!!!

Hopefully they will have another season.


2017 Netflix is co-producing season 2.


Short episode run is a BBC thing. Keeps episodes more focused so you dont end up with too much crap like you see on network tv


FYI, we’re 2 episodes into Season 2. I haven’t watched them yet. Just giving a heads up as I know a lot of GRG liked this show.


Are you watching it on Netflix?


No, torrents.


I think it’s on amazon prime. It won’t hit netflix until the whole season is finished on the BBC.


I’m guessing BBC has different nudity rules than a US channel. I saw boobies!


Yea they are a lot less strict on a lot of things on TV look at the Graham Norton Show, it’s their idea of The Tonight Show an they have no problems showing and saying things you only see on HBO or whatever in this country.


I could only find the first season on Amazon.

damn you fish. you and your stupid company


FYI, Season 3 is out and it’s really good (I’m 7 episodes in).