The Golf Club 2019 Announced for 2018 Release

Gamers obsessed with golf most likely have come across titles in the The Golf Club Series. Fans waiting for another release, get excited because developer and publisher HB Studios officially announced their upcoming game The Golf Club 2019. Check out a few screenshots below.

The Golf Club franchise is known for offering realistic and authentic golfing experiences to gamers. It should come as no surprise that the folks at HB Studios aim to do the same with their upcoming release. Adding a new campaign mode, new play modes and a fresh new look, The Golf Club 2019 looks extremely promising. The title will also include:

  • In addition to the library of 170,000 existing user-created courses which everyone can play, The Golf Club 2019 will include a selection of real-world courses intricately mapped using high detail terrain data.
  • Online Matchmaking brings a new streamlined experience to The Golf Club franchise for competitive play. Compete on any of the approved and official courses in a round of Head to Head Match Play, 2-4 player Stroke Play, Alt-shot or Fourball Team Play, or put your virtual currency on the line in wager matches featuring Skins.
  • Private Matches give the full benefits of Matchmaking with control over who is invited to play, the course played, round format used and additional conditions for each match.
  • Massively expanded upon Character Editor. A vast array of new character customization options including licensed apparel and brand integration for the first time in a TGC game, new club heads, and adjustable character height and weight options.
  • Enhanced Online and Solo Societies. Grow your members, upgrade your Clubhouse, run tournaments and earn virtual currency. Society owners can now add others as Admins, entry requirement settings allow Society owners to set specific criteria, and event entries can now be determined by results and standings from previous events.
  • The award-winning Course Designer just gets bigger and better! Design, build and share your courses online using cutting edge procedural generation or get intimate with the powerful terrain editing tools. New features include optimized autofill options when drawing splines and painting surfaces, tree rotation plus many new objects in the extensive library of 400+ props for designers to create with.
  • Cross-platform sharing of user-designed courses remains a core feature. Design on your platform of choice and share your course with your friends on another platform.
  • Integration of SpeedTree technology for the first time in a TGC game ensures even higher visual quality gameplay than before.
  • Many rendering and special effects updates including optimized dynamic shadows, many more visual details between club, ball and surfaces, and much more.
  • Further improvements to the ball physics for added realism and accuracy.
  • Improvements to the crowd system including seated spectators for added authenticity.
  • Improved swing mechanic and user feedback. The swing feedback sees a completely new look with well-defined and informative detail about what is happening on each shot, split into a number of feedback mechanics.
  • An all-new deep and challenging single player Career Mode. Work your way through the ranks to become the number one golf professional in the world.
  • New play modes: Alt-Shot and Skins have been added in response to popular demand!
  • Completely overhauled UI, offering a fresh new look across the game experience.

Additionally, two new trailers were released to give players a mix of behind the scenes action and a brief teaser. Check them out below.

The Golf Club 2019 is expected to release later this year.

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I need a new golf game. I wonder if I can talk @anon3687162 into buying it this year.

If you keep sending pics of your clubs.

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Want me to hit up @anon42851937 to set up the league? He’s GRG’s official sport director.



I will take care of it. My sporting events at least get started.


A trio of developer diary videos from HB Studios for upcoming sports game The Golf Club 2019 takes a look at photogrammetry, multiplayer and swing mechanics.

The Golf Club 2019 will be the third title in the award-winning The Golf Club Series, which is known for providing an authentic golfing experience and giving users the tools to design and share their own golf courses.

The Golf Club 2019 is expected to launch later this year.

So apparently 2k is publishing the game and it released today via digital. Retail copies will come to stores later.

The Golf Club 2019 launches today with a new publisher — 2K Sports.

HB Games’ golf sim, which this year adds PGA Tour courses and branding for the first time, is now the second third-party game to be published by the sports label. 2K Sports and HB Games announced the partnership this morning.

In May, HB Games said The Golf Club 2019 would feature a multi-stage PGA Tour career mode with its FedEx Cup playoffs, the PGA’s Qualifying School and tour; and the six real-life TPC Courses (Boston, Deere Run, Sawgrass, Scottsdale, Southwind and Summerlin). That’s in addition to the robust course-creation suite that has helped The Golf Club build a sizable following since its first edition launched in 2014.

The Golf Club 2019 will also feature enhancements and additions to its character editor, the Societies social feature (groups of players who organize into clubs and hold members’ tournaments) and two new game modes, including a wager-based skins game.

The Golf Club 2019 picked up the PGA Tour license shortly after EA Sports announced it wasn’t renewing a deal with the tour that had gone back to 1997.

It joins NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 under 2K Sports’ expanding publishing umbrella. 2K Sports and Saber Interactive announced that partnership at the end of July. Saber’s arcade-style basketball game is due to launch this fall on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

The Golf Club 2019 is available now ($49.99) on digital marketplaces for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. A physical retail version will launch later this fall.


Mine is already downloading.

Ok for fans of Barbie dress up you have to unlock different clothing options but you can actually create 5 custom outfits. A casual game one and then outfits for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds.

Game is enhanced for the X and looks good. You can play private matches and even create one that needs a name and password.

I have created a Grim Reaper Gamer society if other people are interested and looks like we can run events through it. It’s pretty cool as you can even force a membership fee or block people that aren’t a certain handicap.

Course wise there is a good selection already and that will increase once the course creators get their stuff uploaded.

Haven’t played a round yet but this does appear promising.

Poorly playing a round and will add there isn’t really a loading screen between holes.

Played one round and had a good time though I played poorly. I did lose connection but not sure if that is 1st day servers or my crappy connection on campus. Nice thing was it went into offline mode and I was able to go right back to where I left off. Likely would be an issue in a tournament however.

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Did a browse and just in the last few days over 300 user created courses have been added. Some look like shit but a majority look well done

So lonely on the links. Hell even Johnny won’t lie to me and tell me he will play.

According to Beers post it is on sale for $38…cough cough

this week it is

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I bought it for the Switch.