The Elder Scrolls Online Dives Deep Into Elsweyr


As part of the Season of the Dragon in The Elder Scrolls Online, the “Elsweyr” expansion will take players to a long-forgotten region occupied by the Khajiti people. The region is threatened by dragons that were unleashed upon the world by Abnur Tharn, but that doesn’t mean players can’t do a bit of sight-seeing before they start saving the world. The latest trailer for the game introduces players to the region itself, the Khajiti people, and the story of the entire Season of the Dragon.

The Season of the Dragon begins in March with the “Wrathstone” DLC. This is followed by the “Elsweyr” expansion on June 4th. There will be two more DLC packs released in Q3 2019 and Q4 2019 respectively, but we don’t have any details on these yet.



Those interested who dont have ESO, if you buy Elsweyr you get the base game plus the Morrowind and Summerset expansions. Get ESO Plus for all the perks plus access to every DLC!



Is it still fairly active? I’m on Xbox, and was curious to know if there’s anyone here that still plays.

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once it drops I’m sure we’ll have some hopping on. @Meatyshark1 @ixL0N3W0LFxi you guys still grinding?

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If you consider active, 1-2 people, then yes.



Unfortunately, we don’t do MMO guilds well. We really need some hardcore, dedicated MMO players to oversee the guild (sort of like how @valiantvictory and @ezekielJP do for Destiny). I’m a terrible MMO Guild “Master” (I guess that’s the term) as I can’t focus solely on running one game and running GRG as a whole. Also, I tend to focus on other areas than what the typical GRG MMO player plays (PvP or Cyrodiil). We would really need about 2-4 dedicated players willing to oversee a Guild to really make it work.

As it is now, the GRG guild is just a social guild in ESO. That is when we do play. I’ll be back for Elsweyr for sure as gaming slows down during the summer. Right now I have the Division 2 on deck.



You should put one of these 2 in charge of guild @SoInZane @ixL0N3W0LFxi if you don’t won’t to oversee I see these two on still, of course i’m on, but not great at promoting social events.

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