The Divison Night Before Christmas


T’was the night before Christmas and throughout the DZ. Cleaners were burning as the LMB yelled “Freeze!”. Zane and his crew of 3. Had set out from E 56th St. Down the road they made no clatter, as they snuck up on Riker’s to see what was the matter. Old man Claus was taken as hostage you see. And no gifts could be given on such a hollow eve. Zane looked to Grey and Mcriddle as Twisted counted off his rounds of ammo. Zane called upon Ez and DK. The two man team would sort out this matter. At a moments notice a plan was made. To help send St Nick back on his way. Grey pulled out the Nuke and it rip. Sending out a blast that tore the rikers to bits. Ez and DK held rear guard as Zane and Mcriddle initiated a charge. They broke through the ranks and dispatched the emeny. And found St Nick happy and full of glee. They untied him and sent him on his way. And as he walked off he yelled “GRG saved the day!”

The End
(Had this stuck in my head. Finally got a chance to write it up. Hate or like i don’t care. But comments are always welcomed)


Very great job! Very proud you can come up with something amazing off the top of your head!


Nice one.
Was this recent?

Always appreciate creativity like this, not least because I can’t do it for shit.


Kinda. A person I knew dropped nearly 20 games invites and said he would not stop til i joined. Lol. We was doing a div tech run when this all popped up in my head. After that I couldn’t help but throw the words together as best as I knew.

Thanks @DarkNiteStar1022 and @unobtainaballs


Nice, miss that game a bit. Waiting for D2 to come out.


Same, I really enjoyed the Division even if I hated the raiding aspect of it. The game just feels like an open world Rainbow Six Vegas which was one of my favorite games.


Same. I’ve got D2 on Reserve. Hopefully there will be folks on to Squad up with. If not I’m getting rid of the Ps4 and getting an Xbox.


I’m not sure who’s up for it on the PS4 @PS4Players @DivisionPlayers. I know we’ll have a few XBox guys running around. The three main whores will be @quantumklutz, @ReaperMan10 and @shortbus.

I say keep the PS4, get the XBox and have the best of both!


I’ll be getting The Division 2 for sure! We will tear it up like we did 1!


I am anxiously awaiting the announcement for the Beta dates and the Alpha feedback NDA lift.


Tearing up the whole place. Rumor has it that there is 2 DZ’s. One for PvP/PvE and one that is straight PvE.

And I’m thinking about a Refurb’d Xbox 1. Found one for $179. and I jus sold my guitar and got $50 cash from a callout that someone owed me.


I’m playing through the The Division again and wow, I actually enjoy the game again. If you see RuttedClown on, shoot him an invite and who knows, he might just respond.


Is that on Ps4 or Xbox? @LudwigVonTokkenTakke


Xbox side for sure but, I did own it when my PS4 was still working.


Was? Dang. Console heaven…


Yup, happened around the last week of june '18. Had it for a good 3+ years but, I guess that it finally just bit the dust.


I can hear a trumpet playing taps now…