The Division Link-Up

Didn’t see a thread for who is actually getting the game. Since the game works off of 4 person teams, here is a thread to post your gamertag if you are definitely getting it, so everyone can start figuring likely teams out. Anyone should be able to view and edit the document however I will try to keep it updated

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I’m getting it, PS4

Lol these posts always mess up the site on my phone.

I will playing on XB1 first

If I enjoy it, I’ll get For PS4

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As soon as I saw the spreadsheet, I knew the mobile version on my phone is screwed.

XB1 I am getting it.

Super close. I am in RI

I will have it for xbox one. Pacific time

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This is my game for this year…so ill definately have it. PS4 master race only

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I believe I will be getting this one. XB1- Central

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Unless the beta sucks, I’m getting it. X1, New Jersey.

Didn’t notice suppose to put time zone, I’m Arizona time. :wink:
I believe currently we are with Mountain Time. When time change comes will be with Pacific time.

I’ll be the guy to pick up the game and have nobody to play with since I don’t play much on weekends haha.

It’ll be like borderlands. Some ppl might have to replay levels with ppl not as far in the story…

Unless it’s like destiny… in which case just play the same shit over and over…

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I miss Borderlands. Everyone will be in it for the grind

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That’s why I got it digitally so when the ADD isn’t as strong people will go back ala Destiny and I will be prepared this time

i’m getting it xbox 1 game looks interesting I hope ubisoft can pull this off and doesn’t flop

What’s the Division? A math game?


I wonder if I can play that? I can math… It’s inherent.


Division Gold Pre-Ordered - Xbox One - Central Timezone

I’m getting it for the One, but not sure if I’ll be in the beta. I pre-ordered it twice, but the stores weren’t giving out codes, so I’m on the waiting list.

Ill be playing with you audible! Youre my best fran!!

Post withdrawn by me