The Division 2 Warlords of New York Roll Call

I’m just wondering who is planning on getting Warlords of New York? Also, is everyone in the GRG clan in game? Finally, what platform are you getting it on?


i havent decided yet if i will get it yet i wanna wait and see how well the changes go before i dedicate time into this again on the sexbox of course

I ordered it. I’ve played thru the updates this season and figured why not. I was in the clan but some how I got purged so throw me back in if there’s room.


I sent you an invite.

I cleaned up some space so there are 10 open slots. There will probably be more room available as I doubt everyone is coming back.

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Yes, Yes and Yes the Xbox of course.

I’ve been teaming up with Clown, Tam and Hambone trying to get to WT5 and I’m looking forward to being back in NYC for this expansion


I bought the DLC for Xbox.

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Yup, I’m going to be playing it and still on the sexbox.

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Do I need to teach these fools how to shoot at anything and everything in the Dark Zone?

Wonder if @quantumklutz and @ReaperMan10 are getting the DLC?

I am giving it a try…if you have room in the clan then send me an invite.

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Only if you ask nicely.



I bought it. Have to make sure it downloads tonight. I cant decide if I want to pick up where I left off or start a new toon.
No idea if I’m still in the clan. If I’m not I’ll spam someone.

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Has anyone finished the DLC or not started it?

I still need to do Tidal Basin before I start Warlords, since I can’t return until I finish the NYC stuff. I’d much rather do it as a squad than on my own.

I finished it today, just doing general clean / projects but, I can always travel back to DC to help out a fellow agent.

Also that ending was jawdropper for me. Not going to spoil it and I now stand corrected, Keener is a bigger pain in the ass to fight than Vivian was for me.

I’m close to finishing it. 1 section boss left then the big bad. I’d help you but I’m not sure you’re prepared for my MLG skills.

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Your backpack is plenty big enough to carry my agent.

My backpack is now gold and level 40. Not a god roll though. :frowning_face:

Level 40, level 30 it doesn’t matter. I just need some heavy hittin’, pipe wielding mofos to help me with Tidal Basin so I can advance to NYC and the new content.

Thanks to Hambone, @SigMike02 and PamtheTam for helping me get through Tidal Basin and on to the NYC content. Already have Kaijika done, three more to go before Keener!