The Division 2 - Summit 9/24

It’s time to reach the Summit! The Division 2 released a new game mode this week called the Summit! A dungeon 100 stories tall! Lots of bad guys to kill and lots of loot to earn! Let’s get a GRG squad together and climb the Summit!

Title Update 11 will be introducing The Summit, a new game mode featuring a 100-story building where each floor is sure to challenge your expertise and resolve as an agent of The Division. The Summit intends to bring a highly replayable experience to the endgame, approachable to all players ranging from our most hardened agents to our newest recruits. Want to take on the challenge of clearing the Heroic difficulty segment of the building or simply run the lower floors for an effective way of farming new gear? The Summit has you covered.

Each floor presents a variety of challenges, from specific objectives to a range of enemy forces that stop at nothing to deter your progress. As you continue to push through the floors in your attempt at reaching the peak, your opponents become more ruthless. As you ascend, the floors are randomly selected from a series of predefined designs with randomized AI spawns. In addition, certain floors have directives added to them, increasing the difficulty and forcing you to adjust your tactics against your opponents; ensuring you are always kept on your toes.

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Paging all @DivisionPlayers.

I’m excited to try this out. The game play demo today was really cool.

I got to the 7th floor solo on story mode before I had to cook dinner. It’s a surprisingly fun game mode. Would be fun to do with a group.

Who taught you how to spell climb?

burning homer simpson GIF

So smarty pants, you playing?

Anyways I’m in as long as nothing comes up

Anybody else? @DivisionPlayers

I’ve been running it and have made it to floor 93. 81-100 is when it switches to Legendary and you definitely need a good group with various people running different builds to make it through. Having a Tank and a Healer is almost a must have as DPS is good but you can very easily get one shot if you’re not careful. A full on skill build with as much skill damage as you can get with a striker drone and assault turret is a pretty safe build to go in with regardless of difficulty.


being that I’m on PS4 I won’t be much help with you XBOX and PC guys but I have a variety of good builds if anyone needs help in what to go for or questions on the synergy of weapons and gear and skills.


Would be nice if they enabled cross play. It’s built in and I know PC and Stadia can cross play together but Sony and XBox can not. It’s a shame as it would help out this title so much.


yeah I’ve heard some rumors that its in the works and can’t wait for it. Might be when next gen starts they’ll look to roll it out.

@SoulessGrimm and I got to level 20. Took a bit, some setbacks when we got stupidly over confident.

It’s a fun event. No bullshit, just go and kill things. I can see some of the challenges being difficult once the difficulty starts ramping up. Especially the dopey hostages running into danger…


BTW, @SoulessGrimm got 2 Exotics and wouldn’t give me one… So selfish!


Ya had fun for sure and thier my exotics stay away

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Did you ever go back to this? Get past 20?

Any other @DivisionPlayers run the Summit yet?

Me and my uncle ran to 10 before he had to get off ill definitely give it a go again

I got to 15 and had fun, but I guess that is not a check point so I’ll start again from 10.

I enjoyed it

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I made it to 100 last night and got to the hunters twice but they wiped the floor with us in no time flat both times. Was in a random group though and it was late and I couldn’t go through it a 3rd time with as long as it takes to clear the floor.

Sucks I have to start back at 91 again or hope to get lucky that someone is on a higher floor.

Tip ive heard to beat them is have 3 high dps builds and your 4th running foam chem launcher. Do not use any skills as theyll hack them immediately.