The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Arrives May 16th


Arriving this morning, Title Update 3 for The Division 2 has added a new achievement relating to the upcoming 8-player raid, Operation Dark Hours. The raid will be available to World Tier 5 players with a gear score of at least 490 from 9:00AM PDT on May 16th. The first team to complete Operation Dark Hours will get their team photo and names displayed in the White House for all players to see. Will that be you?

Operation Dark Hours will take place at Washington National Airport, a strategic point for the Black Tusk where they currently fly in their supplies and new troops. Players will face the toughest bosses and the most advanced technology the game has to offer, but those who triumph will get new loot, gear sets, an exotic weapon, a clan banner icon, and a new trophy for the clan space. Those who manage the complete the raid in its first week of release will also get a commemorative arm patch.

While today’s update did add the raid into the game, what can players actually access today? Well, there are new Classified Assignments, a new Apparel event, new Commendations, and a plethora of bug fixes. The Classified Assignments explain the story behind the fall of Washington DC and allow players to unlock exclusive Backpack Trophies. The first two assignments are available from today, but they’re exclusive to players who own the Year 1 Pass. On the other hand, the new Apparel event will be available for all players at the same time as the Operation Dark Hours raid. The event will add new outfits, masks, emotes, and weapon skins to earn.

The following Commendations have been removed from the game:

  • 28 Days Distinction - Record 672 hours (28 days) of time in-game.
  • Distinguished Service Ribbon – For 30 consecutive days, on each day play for at least 1h and complete 1 mission.
  • Supreme Response Distinction - For 7 consecutive days, on each day complete 4 main missions and rescue 5 civilians.
  • Year One Merit - Play on 14 days per month, on a total of 12 months.
  • Division Service Merit - For a total of 100 days, on each day play for at least 1hour and deliver 20 resources to control points.

These have been removed because the team felt “they were not delivering a great experience for players”. It was possible for players to lose their daily login or stream through no fault of their own, so they will instead be implementing new Commendations that don’t have login requirements. Those players who had already completed some of the above commendations will be able to keep them. Those who put time towards the above Commendations but hadn’t completed them will receive a new vanity patch to compensate them for the time lost. In the meantime, these new Commendations have been added to the mix:

  • Full Deck Distinction – Acquire all Snitch Cards.
  • Distinguished Service Distinction – Complete 30 hours of service.
  • Supreme Response Distinction – Complete all main missions and Strongholds on Hard difficulty (or above).
  • Control Point Takeover Merit – Take over 50 Heroic Control Points.
  • Invasion Service Merit – Complete 10 Invaded Strongholds.

Finally, there’s a plethora of gameplay improvements and bug fixes that can be found in the full patch notes. Title Update 3 is available now.


World Tier 5? FFS! I just hit 1. Guess I will never be able to do this…


It does not take long to get to 5. I may be on tonight. If so I will get you through most of it and geared up in the process.


Well, it does if you do it manually. Getting Sherpa’s with a team of WT5 agents it takes about an hour to get to WT5. As they can drop all the gear you need.

Since @Johneffinggalt TK’d me all night long I forbid anyone carrying him. Make him suffer!