The Division 2 Mega Thread


Why am I not OMG gotta get? Is cause I played one? Idk not excited…please give me reviews to sell me?


I played the beta. Both closed and open. I’m digging the open environments. More tactical thinking and planning needed besides going in all gung ho…

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Today Ravens b’day came early from the boys and I. We got him the Division 2 Gold Edition. He so can’t wait to break into it and start playing his heart out!


I also played both Betas and if you enjoyed the first after Patch 1.8 this game should slightly more polished and with more bells/whistles. They’ve made a conscious effort to make cover matter while you are grinding your way up to level 30 and with the new gear sets. No more face tanking and med-kit junkies.

I’ll keep you posted after launch!

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If you didn’t like Division 1 then 2 isn’t going to tickle your pickle. Div 2 is really a continuation of that game, at the moment it may be considered Div 1.5. It’s almost a fair comparison if you discount the 40 hour campaign. So I think that earns it a Division 2 title.

It’s a looter / shooter and you like those so maybe give it a try if you’re wrapping up Destiny? My way of thinking with these MMO lite titles is to play through them, gear up a bit then move on to the next. Play another title when they release new content.


So I pulled the trigger and bought D2. Plays really nice. Love all the little details. Cover feels great and the guns feel meaty! Backpack truck nuts! Anyway, hit me up to squad up.


I did too. Downloading now

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I’ll be on this evening now that I have Interwebs access and downloaded the day one patch. Played a little last night to get through Mission #1 and unlock side missions.

HMU if you see me online


Just picked this up. I should be on tonight. I never played first 1, so complete noob!


My suggestion would be to constantly rush enemies and never use cover.


Sounds like a plan


So mean.
Enjoy @SoulTerror!


Thank goodness. I was beginning to wonder what I was going to do with all these mods I couldn’t even use besides make printer toner out of them.


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I picked this title up two days ago. Having not played the original and being a CoD guy there was a steep learning curver. I initially found the game too difficult as I failed to use skills, grenades and cover to cover.

Once I began to play the game it was meant to be played I started leveling up. And came to the conclusion that this title is worth every penny. The replay value is ridiculously high and it’s so satisfying completing missions.

There’s still much for me to learn I’m sure. But I am thrilled by this title. Great job by the devs.




Nice little run to farm gear once a day

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I have been through that area. It’s nice to see everything mapped out. Dont think I got everything when I was down there.

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