The Division 2 Mega Thread



I asked in Discord chat if anyone could help you out.
Will let you know if someone replies - or they might reach out to you directly.


Cool! Thanks!


On the drone tap your button to activate it. Kinda like the sniper turret (instant one hit kills on some enemies). Aim to where you wish the drone to go. Look before you hit the LB button(You will see it kinda like the grenade toss)(L1 Ps4 for me) and press again. Ta da! Bombs away!


I can you a code. Just sent you a friend request on Uplay.


Accepted! Thanks!


it says you are already invited.




what is funny is i can invite Balek. which i know is already in.


There is at least one support thread where a player on PC sent his friends who are also on PC some invote codes. They received PS4 codes and Ubisoft Support can’t do anything about it. LOL


Maybe @BalekFekete will see this and send the code i sent to him to you.


Overall I’m liking this new division. Clearly like NY trash pickup was the first thing to stop after the virus. The vegetation is a nice change of pace. Experienced my first thunderstorm and holy shit it’s a little nuts. You pretty much have to sit and wait because you can’t see our hear anything but rain and thunder.
Gun mechanics are nice and a bit more challenging than Div1. Disconnects have happened a few times but it’s a beta so I’m not worried about it. Two aggravating things so far is one the drone control which is beyond useless for me currently. I’m sure I’ll figure it out at launch. The second is the constant agent needs assistance spamming. It’s every 5 seconds it telling you and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to shut it off. I’m hoping there’s a way by launch or it’ll def out a damper on the game.


Played the first mission through.

Definitely feels like you get rewarded more for exploring and drop-off/recoil/accuracy at range seems harsher, which just increases the challenge.
Looking forward to getting my first sniper or similar rifle.

Assistance alerts were annoying though I didn’t quite realise what they were so didn’t think to look for a way to turn them off.

Also couldn’t figure out the mission and demo boundaries at first, I was reloaded to the starting area twice in the first few minutes. Felt like I was being punished for exploring since the limits weren’t clear.

Mostly it just seems like a continuance of the first game and I can’t yet see a good reason that it couldn’t have been released as DLC.
So, not worth full retail imo, not from my current impression - limited though it was.


LOL, yeah that is a bit much.


Started to get a better handle on drone and seeker mine control. Its not as automated as D1 but allows for better target and control.


Played a bit with @shortbus last night and had a lot of fun mainly exploring. Connection was fairly solid til the end of my night when it black screened bus and then myself about 5mins apart. When in a party, the help signal goes away. bus was the leader in our group and I had a hard time fast traveling to his location. Had to hoof it.

Overall, I like the feel and the modern realism. Just not sure if I’d get the game. With the limited play time I have, everyone will be much higher levels than I will be so I’ll be left behind for the majority of it.


Agent in need of backup alerts are doing my head in.

Also, echoes seem to have taken a step backwards, graphics of the reconstruction look blocky and shit.

Plus, visual pop-in and lighting changes on objects during cutscenes.
Fairly minor but looks a bit crappy.


Open Beta Confirmed for The Division 2

The closed beta weekend for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has just ended. The whole purpose of the beta is to uncover bugs and other potential issues with the game that can be fixed before its full release. During a stream on the game’s official Twitch channel where Massive Entertainment were showing off the beta, they discussed some of the bugs they were seeing, and the fact that they’d be fixed in time for the game’s open beta… you know, the open beta that nobody has mentioned so far. You can see the clip below:

Of course, there were no details on the beta other than it would be taking place, but it shouldn’t be a surprise. The Division had a private beta that was then followed up several weeks later with an open beta. As the game is released on March 15th, that leaves a period of four weeks during which a beta can take place. We’re expecting it to happen either at the end of February or at the start of March, but as soon as we hear more details, we’ll be sure to let you know.strong text


I thought there was an awful lot of content available for just a closed beta.

Hopefully I didn’t delete the game off my HDD yet…
Might see what it looks like on the X1X too.


Open Beta will be March 1st through the 4th. Anyone who didn’t preorder or register for the private Beta heres your chance to check out The Division 2.


I thought the had a wide variety of activities, but encountered a lot of the same issues they mentioned and a few others. I also tried it on the PC as well, that was a different experience. I had to turn down the settings because my tower is a little older, but it ran smooth and looked fantastic. I didn’t think it would be gorgeous because I’m not running a current gen GPU.

I’ll likely cancel my pre-order for the PC and just roll with the XB version.