The Division 2 Mega Thread



I have not gotten this ordered yet so im codeless for now inless and @psr players have an extra code handy


You can still sign up for the beta if you haven’t pre-ordered. Not guaranteed for a slot but worth a try.


I think ill wait i like being suprised


Rewards come to those who wait. And if you go back and cleanup on D1 (First Division) there is extras to be unlocked once D2 releases.


The Beta is a bit rough. I got disconnected 3 times before I gave it a break. The last time I was almost done that Hotel mission. Maybe they’ll patch it. Whatever. I’m not spending too much time in the beta, I’d rather wait until the launch.


My Uplay username is YggBjorn. I think I found you and sent you a friend request on Uplay.


Invite sent to you.
You should get an email but if not check the website.


Got disconnected twice. Finished the hotel. It is rough I will agree with @Lala_Calamari
Overall Im digging the graphics and open-ness. The vegatation is a huge break from the damn snow.
I’ve gotten some green weapons. The controls and relatively the same. I’m looking forward to giving it another shot today.
(And if i knew how to stream I would in a heartbeat)
(Called in sick today. Worked 100 hours last 2 weeks.)


I like the vegetation as opposed to the snow as well. I was disconnected a handful of times, but thankfully I wasn’t in the middle of a mission and it seemed to save my most recent pickups, even if I had literally just picked up an item before disconnect.

However, I think they need to do some work on the graphics. The modeling was a little rough on the details. For example, the hair on the characters looked good in most cut scenes, but in game play and in a few one-offs, it was terribly rendered (either see-through or it looked like a helmet) and while not game breaking, pulled me out of the story. I also had some wonky distortion in a few gunfights. Usually when I had a rusher and I was unloading a magazine into them. It was incredibly loud and obnoxious.

I don’t see a ton of difference between Division 1 and this beta, honestly. I’m a little underwhelmed, but I’ll hold off judgement until the full game releases.


Hopefully some good OT?


20 hours of overtime and anywhere between $200-$300 in callout fees.
Damn good OT. Tempted to post up a pic of my time card.


How the fuck do you control the fucking drone???

Holy shit, that’s pissing me off. I can’t figure out how to get it to bomb a spot and if I hold LB a second too long it dismantles the drone.


i have been trying to do the same.


I experienced 3 crashes last night on the XB1 before i got to the White House. I saw a System Maintenance alert last night about a patch.

Going to try the PC version when i get home today.


on PS4?
Hold down the Share button on the controller, this takes you to the Share menu.
Choose “Broadcast Gameplay”.
Pick Twitch or YouTube.
Select from the various options there.
Click on “Start Broadcasting” at the bottom.
You are away!

You might also have to link up your Twitch or YouTube account if you haven’t already.

You can only see the “Broadcast Gameplay” option from an appropriate screen (i.e. if you have launched a game), you cannot see it from the PS home menu.


You can also mess around with the default option when clicking the Share button just once (mine is set to save screenshot) or long-press (mine is set to record video clip) and the default video length when saving a clip (mine is 3 minutes).

There are various other settings you can play with too.


No email. According to the website I am now registered for the PS4 beta. Can you retract the invite? I don’t have a PS4. Maybe the codes aren’t crossplatform?


Apparently no email means you haven’t let them email you in your Uplay account settings.

Shit, sorry, guess they aren’t cross-platform invites.
I thought they were since it’s all through the developer website.

Don’t think I can retract but you could provide the PSN code to anyone here who wants one.
Apologies sir!


You can only invite friends who are playing The Division 2 on the same platform as yours. PC players won’t be able to invite users from consoles and vice versa. The Division 2 doesn’t support cross-platform play.


No worries! Thanks for the code! If I really wanted to play it I would have thrown $5 at Gamestop for a preorder. I preordered Anthem and might grab TD2 during a sale. I will gladly give a PS4 code to anyone who wants it!