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The Division 2 Mega Thread



Hopefully these 8 man raids will be a nice change and also don’t follow suit



This is probably the most hyped “mmo-lite” game I’m looking forward to. Ubisoft showed they’re committed to their titles for the long haul. They did not need to continue to support Division 1 like they did, they already had everyone’s money. But they did.

Plus, I love the combat movements. I wish PUBG looked and moved this well.


No back pack for you @Lala_Calamari. I’ll put you in the papoose


I’m not quite sure what that is but I’m thinking you’re hitting on me…


You ain’t that lucky you can’t get out of glory hole duty that easy @Lala_Calamari. History lesson a papoose is a native American child carrier




Looks like you get to carry 3 main weapons. How the fuck can you carry all that and the ammo?

Drone with machine gun looks pretty cool.


A shame as I’d love to see that or something similar. Would be nice to have a PUBG style game on consoles that actually works.


Maybe they will have ‘Survival’ again and tweak it a bit.


BFV? Only reason I got it was to see how they do BR.



I really liked the first division. Looks like spring is gonna be a busy gaming season with lots of choices.


The big battle will be finding time between this and Anthem.


True that



Ubisoft has quite a large presence at Gamescom, with many of their current and upcoming titles making an appearance. One of those is Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, and the team brought along news of five different editions of the game, pre-orders, a Year One Pass, and new screenshots.

The first version of the title is, of course, the standard edition. Then there’s the Gold Edition, which will include the game, three days of early access beginning on March 12th, and the Year One Pass. Details on the Year One Pass are scarce right now, but we do know it will grant seven days early access to “all free Year One Episodes”, as well as “exclusive customization items, additional activities and more”. Both of these versions will be available digitally and at retail.


The next version of the game is the digital exclusive Ultimate Edition. This includes the game, three days of early access, the Year One Pass, and three extra digital packs — “Elite Agent Pack”, “Battleworn Secret Service Pack”, and the “First Responder Pack”.


The final two editions are both only available at retail. The first is the Dark Zone Definitive Collector’s Edition. This edition includes all of the contents of the Ultimate Edition, plus a steelbook case, a Book of Lithographs, the Game Soundtrack, a Washington D.C. Map, and a “30cm-high Ubicollectibles figurine of Heather Ward, a Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Specialized Agent”.


The final version is the Phoenix Shield Collector’s Edition, which is available exclusively through the Ubisoft Store. This includes all of the contents of the Ultimate Edition, plus a Ubisoft Store exclusive steelbook case, a Book of Lithographs, the Game Soundtrack, a Washington D.C. Map, and a “Ubicollectibles high-end sixth scale Articulated Figurine of Brian Johnson, an agent on active duty with equipment and gear”.


Regardless of which edition you choose to purchase, all pre-orders will give players access to the game’s private beta that was announced back at E3. Ubisoft is staying quiet on the beta dates right now and will release more details in the future. Players who want to take part in the beta but don’t want to pre-order the title just yet can still sign up for a chance to participate on this website too. Finally, all pre-orders will also get the “Capitol Defender Pack”, which includes a Hazmat 2.0 Outfit, a weapon blueprint, and “The Lullaby”, an exotic SPAS-12 Shotgun.


The Division 2 will be released on March 15th, 2019, so you have seven months to decide which of the five versions of the game you prefer.


With all those pics with the overgrown landscape, the game is going to feel so different than 1.


I can’t wait for this! I am most curious about the raids and how they will manage the “Dark Zone” in this more open environment.