The Division 2 has a secret boss...

That apparently no one gives a fuck about. There is a secret boss hidden in the game that no one has found until the developer told players it existed. Maybe make a game people want to play and explore and they would fine the boss.

Game developer Trick Dempsey recently started Googling to see if anyone had found a secret boss encounter in The Division 2 , the giant Ubisoft game he helps make. “I was just like: I don’t [see] a video guide for finding this dude,” he said on today’s State of the Game developer stream. “There’s just nothing.”

Dempsey knew the boss was in the game. He had just triggered its appearance earlier today, before the stream. He was on the weekly stream to talk about some other stuff, but just had to mention this seemingly undiscovered secret. At around 11:30 a.m., he dropped some hints about it.

I would never have thought to do all that shit… why didn’t they make it a hunter though with a new mask. They didn’t get jack for killing him lmao