The Division 2 Clan is up


I got the standard edition so will be on Thursday night hopefully




I’ve got the game and good to go if I can still join


PS4 clan is up @PS4Players I’ll send invites out for those I know are playing. Let me know if you want in or search for the below.

Clan Name - Reapers of GRG
Clan Tag - GRG


Hi Lala. I was messing around with the clan screen and for a moment, your invite flashed but then I couldn’t find it again. Could you send me another invite? My two brothers might also be interested. I’ll see if I can get them to sign up on the website.


You should still be able to search for the clan, instructions are further up in this thread.

Go find Grace in the White House.
If you haven’t reached that point it probably won’t work yet.


im downloading the game now.


I’m actually playing on Xbox and the clan says invite only :frowning:


I wonder if anyone besides Lala can invite to the xbox clan. Friends list says they haven’t been online in 4 days.


Ah OK, sorry, I hadn’t realised that.
Yeah, Lala is away for a bit.
I’ll reach out to staff and see who else is already in that clan.


@Grex, can you sort invites for any Xbox guys in this thread?
I think that’s at least KillerDuck03, MasonicMage, SoulessGrim and Ronin.


Thanks. The issue is it only allows me to have 10 invites out at a time. So I have to wait till they get accepted before sending more.

We are also totally going to fill this one up and have to create another.


Any @PS4Players end up picking this up?


Picked up. Played. Threw game into clothes drawer. Pulled game back out and got to level 12 and gave up again. lol
Yea I’m in the clan…


The clothes drawer??! Is that typical or did you get particularly frustrated with this game…


Lol that’s what I was wondering too


Gaming is fun…But better and more fun with friends. Sooooo. Yea. Its not frustrating. Quite opposite. (Correction. can be frustrating at times) But nonetheless. Game was pulled out of the drawer again before i left for work.


Well If you end up playing when you get out of work and I’m on, just shoot me an invite and I’ll help you run through some missions.


We’ve got @SourSmokE89 @DarkNiteRaven @GreyJedi @Mcriddle93 and myself in the PS4 clan so far. Any other @PS4Players have TD2 let me know so I can send invites out.


I should have it in a day or two struggled like hell to get it finally got an order placed at gamestop now i just halfto wait for them to confirm it so i can get my digital code