The Division 2 Clan is up

The Division 2 Clan is up. I was only allowed 15 letters so it’s GrimReaperGamer. GRG is the clan tag. First 49 get in.

I did send out some invites so you may want to check your game notifications.

We now have clans on all platforms. message a team lead to get an invite.

  • PC Clan = GRG Reapers
  • PS4 Clan = Reapers of GRG
  • Xbox Clan = GrimReaperGamer

Just a note that these clans are platform specific.
This is the Xbox clan that Lala is referring to.

If there’s interest, we can setup clans on PS4 and PC too. Just let us know and a staff member will do so. I expect we will have one on PS4.

I want in, but I was unwilling to pay the 40 bucks for early access. Look for me on Friday.

Feels like I have played quite a bit but I have yet to find the Clan guy yet.

If there is any room in that back pack of yours can I join the clan… :sunglasses:

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Step 1: Recruit Grace Larson from the Theatre Settlement. To unlock her for recruitment you must accept and complete main missions & side missions from the NPCs at the theater settlement. She will be the 2nd staff member that you can recruit. She’s on the top floor of the Theatre building.

Step 2: Head back to the White House and talk to Grace Larson in the East Wing, ground floor.

Step 3: By talking to Grace you unlock the option to Create Clans and Join Clans! That’s all there is to it.


You can join by searching for the clan in-game.
Talk to the NPC Grace in the White House.

Steps above if you can’t find her.

Has anyone set up a Clan for PC yet.

I’ll be setting one up for us on the PS4 @PlayStationPlayers

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I got the standard edition so will be on Thursday night hopefully


I’ve got the game and good to go if I can still join

PS4 clan is up @PlayStationPlayers I’ll send invites out for those I know are playing. Let me know if you want in or search for the below.

Clan Name - Reapers of GRG
Clan Tag - GRG


Hi Lala. I was messing around with the clan screen and for a moment, your invite flashed but then I couldn’t find it again. Could you send me another invite? My two brothers might also be interested. I’ll see if I can get them to sign up on the website.

You should still be able to search for the clan, instructions are further up in this thread.

Go find Grace in the White House.
If you haven’t reached that point it probably won’t work yet.

im downloading the game now.

I’m actually playing on Xbox and the clan says invite only :frowning:

I wonder if anyone besides Lala can invite to the xbox clan. Friends list says they haven’t been online in 4 days.

Ah OK, sorry, I hadn’t realised that.
Yeah, Lala is away for a bit.
I’ll reach out to staff and see who else is already in that clan.