The Division 2 Builds Megathread

I recently got back into Div2 after having the WoNY DLC gifted to me. I finished that content and have been enjoying the early end-game. I have now focused on putting together some builds to try out different play styles, weapons, equipment, and game modes. Everyone is free to post whatever build related content they want into this thread.

This website is linked from the official Division 2 Discord and works pretty well for slapping a build together when you aren’t in game. Shows the stats. Allows for a screenshot of the build or a shareable link.

Got a favorite build, or working on building one your self? Post it up and discuss builds here.

I am currently working on a LMG PvP build from Widdz. Works real well in PvE as well.

This is an AR PvE build I am also working on from him

He’s videos are really in depth with the numbers and reasons for picking certain mods and stats.


Guess I’m going to have to start farming to get raid ready.


I would farm for pieces but I’d wait and see what the final nerfs and bluffs are from world update 3 that is coming


I’m still sitting on my Chatterbox build. I have all the pieces (had them since WT4) but never got around to building it.

I’m holding onto so much gear and waiting for the update it’s an inventory nightmare at the moment.

I have a decent AR/SMG build for both PVE and PVP I’m working on a skill build using LMG/SMG that is probably better suited for PVE.

@GreyJedi has a pretty wicked skill build using seekers that hits pretty hard with a low cooldown

I am running 2 builds one is a high damage to elites AR/chatterbox build. And the other is a 5/7/7 unstoppable force/ on the ropes build that hits hard. I am working on a safegard/unbreakable build but cant get the chest piece I need

Waiting on the new gear sets I really like that tip of the spear set. Actually makes pulse useful

The following is a list of the gear you can acquire in the game.

Looking at each list below, you need to equip;
one piece of the gear to get the first perk
Two pieces of gear from that set to get the second perk
Three pieces of gear form that set to get the third perk

You will be able to pick a total of six pieces of gear:

Knee Pads

After each gear set, the available gear is noted.

Figure out what you want to run. I started with an armor build and am currently at 308K for armor and 80K for health, still havent finished my build. I utilize two pieces of Overlord gear to get the 7.5% armor increase and 1 piece of Gila gear to give another 5%.

Pick and choose from the following list what you want to build and enjoy the grind. If anyone has any questions on how to build and what other options to look for, please ask in this thread.

All Brand Sets

Badger Tuff (Mask, Backpack, Gloves)
+7% Damage to Elites
+15% Armor % on Kill
15% Chem Launcher Skill Power

Sokolov Concern (Mask, Vest, Knees)
+10% SMG Damage
+8% Critical Hit Damage
15% Seeker Skill Power

Richter & Kaiser GmbH (Mask, Backpack, Holster)
+10% Hazard Protection
+20% Pistol Damage
15% Shield Skill Power

Wyvern Wear (Mask, Backpack, Holster, Knees)
+7% Critical Hit Damage
15% Drone Skill Power
+10% Critical Hit Chance

China Light Industries Corporation (Mask, Gloves, Knees)
+10% Explosives Damage
+10% Shotgun Damage
+10% Cooldown Reduction

Douglas & Harding (Mask, Holster, Knees)
+5% Accuracy
+10% Critical Hit Damage
+7% Critical Hit Chance

Murakami Industries (All 6 Pieces Available)
+8% Health
+10% Hazard Protection
15% Firefly Skill Power

Gila Guard (All 6 Pieces Available)
+5% Total Armor
+20% Hazard Protection
15% Pulse Skill Power

Providence Defense (All 6 Pieces Available)
+10% Skill Power
+8% Health
+5% Weapon Damage

Alps Summit Armament (Backpack, Vest, Gloves)
+10% Cooldown Reduction
+5% Skill Power
15% Hive Skill Power

Petrov Defense Group (Backpack, Vest, Holster)
+10% LMG Damage
15% Turret Skill Power
+10% Cooldown Reduction

Airaldi Holdings (Backpack, Gloves, Holster)
+10% Accuracy
+10% Headshot Damage
+10% Marksman Rifle Damage

5.11 Tactical (Backpack, Vest, Gloves)
5% Protection from Elites
10% Extra Incoming Healing
+10% Weapon Handling

Fenris Group AB (Vest, Holster, Knees)
+10% Assault Rifle Damage
10% Protection from Elites
+20% Health on Kill

Overlord Armaments (Vest, Gloves, Knees)
+10% Rifle Damage
+7.5% Total Armor
+7% Damage To Elites

Yaahl Gear (Mask, Vest, Gloves, Backpack)
+10% Weapon Handling
+8% Hazard Protection
+5% Weapon Damage

Česká Výroba s.r.o. (Unconfirmed)
+10.0% Health on Kill
+10.0% Shotgun Damage
+15.0% Health

Golan Gear (Unconfirmed)
+10.0% Hazard Protection
+10% Protection from Elites
+8.0% Total Armor

Hope this helps



Here is my build I am finishing up on.

I run Demolionist to get:

15% LMG Damage

15% SMG Damage

25% Explosive Damage

Plus Any additional Attribute bonuses that are both standard on the gear and any Mods that I add to support my build.

In addition to the following buffs due to the gear that I picked, you want to mod each piece to support your build….

Ie. More Armor, Health, Damage to Elites, etc. You get the point. Keep in mind the gear will have Red, Blue and Yellow attributes (1-4 per piece of gear depending on the gear.)

Talents have a prerequisite, that will require either a number and below or a number and above to utilize that Talent of these red, blue and yellow attributes. For instance….

Unstoppable Force requires that you have at least 7 Blue Attributes to take advantage of the Talent. In this case, Unstoppable Force will grant 2% Weapon Damage for every 25,000 Max Armor, once you kill an enemy. As an example after I kill an enemy, I have an additional 24% Damage due to my current Armor score.

If you open up your Character screen on the top left you will see a circle with your total score ie. 500. Below it will be those three colors and a number showing you how many you have of each. Mine is currently sitting at 9 red, 8 Blue and 2 Yellow.

If anyone needs help with the Red (Damage), Blue (Health/Armor), and Yellow (Skills) please let me know and I can walk you through it in more detail in chat.

My Gear:

Badger Tuff (Mask, Backpack, Gloves)(2 Pieces)
+7% Damage to Elites
+15% Armor % on Kill

Gila Guard (All 6 Pieces Available)(1 Piece)
+5% Total Armor

Petrov Defense Group (Backpack, Vest, Holster)(1 Piece)
+10% LMG Damage

Overlord Armaments (Vest, Gloves, Knees)(2 Pieces)
+10% Rifle Damage
+7.5% Total Armor

Creating your builds can be confusing, but once you have a guide to give you an idea of what you are wanting to do, it is pretty simple.

Hope this helps./



Good Stuff Thanks!

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I am running a very similar build. Focusing on LMG damage and weapon damage. I have similar gear but running two pieces of patriot for the 2 piece set bonus of 10% damage to armor.

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I’m running a plexiglass cannon build. high DPS with medium health. got three pieces of nomad gear working on the forth to help make up for the low stamina

Some of the above builds will need to be tweaked with the current state of the game being TU 16.1

From this post onwards most builds will be viable moving forward.

This is a good Rifle DPS/Crit build from TU12 that I have been enjoying in TU16.1. It has low armor but a touch of Armor Regen. Good skills to use with this are the Mending Seeker Drone, Decoy, Repair Drone, Assault Turret, and/or Stinger Hive. You want to either have the skill take focus away from you or heal you and allies.

Liberty or Regulus headshot build. Run this with the Bulwark Shield and Artificer Hive. You can re-roll the blue off of Picaro’s Holster to get red and more weapon damage, but the armor buffs your Shield. Regulus is preferred over the Liberty pistol, if you have it. The primary and secondary can be whatever you feel comfortable with. It’s a decent PvE headshot build so maybe run with a Rifle for long distance shots from cover.

Continuing with Pistol builds, here is a Legendary Tank Pistol Build. You can run it with the Liberty but the Regulus will have more punch. The Emperor’s Guard kneepads are farmable in PvP or from Named Caches purchasable from the Countdown vendor. The Forge Holster drops in Countdown on a regular basis so you could possibly kill two birds by grinding Countdown. If you want more Protection From Elites you can run with the Survivalist specialization and replace the Gloves, Holster, and Kneepads with some Improvised versions from the Crafting table. You will probably need a fat stack of crafting materials for that. Bulwark Shield and Artificer Hive are preferred skills, but you can try what you like.