TESO - What faction should our guild be?

For PVP we need to be in the same faction. So lets vote…

  • The Aldmeri Dominion
  • The Daggerfall Covenant
  • The Ebonheart Pact

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I have 3 characters that are Dominion, so my vote goes there.

Cause I don’t know better… Dominion

I picked Dominion as well. I think I want to play as a [Bosmer (Wood Elf).][1]

There are no finer archers and thieves.

I do love my ranger classes.
[1]: http://teso.gamepedia.com/Bosmer

I have no clue what faction my toon is on the pc.

Yes, it’s for both consoles and comes out June 9th. Buy the game and no subscription.

Dominion would be my first pick as plan to use Khajiit, fall back of Daggerfall for Breton.

Most of the people that responded are Xbox guys. I’m not sure who is heading up the ps4 side.

It’s a Destiny joke.

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My toon in the game is Ebonheart but like I said no biggie making a new one for me.

I don’t care what faction either. Really makes no difference to me.

Tremont, i honestly didnt even know it was multiplatform, i thought Teso was Xbox exclusive cuz nobody was talking abot it on PS4. Apparently you are getting it?

So I feel as if it is safe to assume we are going with Dominion for the faction?

What gave you that Idea. Poll looks too close to call. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well I deserved that one…I’ll see myself out

Dominion works for me…

So, under the Aldmeri Dominion you can only be wood elf, high elf and khajiit? I might make a high elf mage.

Most Pre-order bonuses include the Explorer’s Pack which unlocks all races for all factions.

Considering trading BF:H and getting this, though I’d like to see more combat videos.

That’s what I’ll be going with on my main with Dark Magic focus. Probably run a Khajiit alt for thievery but who knows…

I still can’t nail down what class / race I’m going to start with. I’m having a hard time understanding TESO’s way of doing things since any class can use any weapon / armor set.