TESO Community Night Recap

We had a great night in TESO PVP last night. While not really accomplishing much for our team we really did a good job of working as a team. Team shooting, regrouping, and communication kept us all alive longer than we normally would have been.


We managed to do this with the worst group leader in the bunch. He can’t count, gets lost, and typically runs off after squirrels. All it took was a collar and a leash tied to Lala’s horse. By the way, I am talking about D1G1TALC1PHERS.


All in all considering the server we are playing on I think we are progressing well as a group. If we could manage to get on with a group like last Saturday we can really cause some damage.


If you are thinking about getting TESO, DO IT! Do it now while we are still playing PVP. That is where the fun and chaos is.


Some fun and fails from last night…


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So , you are saying that Lala had to drag Digital around the map ??? LOL !!! Would have love to seen that .

That video is awesome. The sad part is, @D1G1TALC1PHERS had to edit it down because we did that shit all night long. Bunch of fucking 12 year olds.

And that call of 4 enemies… Sigh.

Even still, it was an awesome night of PvP. We did a lot better than I expected. We stayed grouped up most of the time. We worked on call outs and focused fired on enemies. Then that keep defense. That was awesome, I was sure we were going to lose it. Nope, we held it and drove them out. I thought we worked well as a team.


Had a great time. A couple of mishaps, but thought we did well. Glad this is a twice a week thing!

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those videos are awesome.

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