Team-up Tuesdays and Thursday Black Ops 4


Ah I see… Too bad there is no cross servers *cough (sony) *cough


All games need this


Definetly but sony decides in fancy ass business tounge during their public reply about cross servers that their profit and property copyrights are more important but oh well it’s a “buisness” decision


Apparently we are putting up the Christmas tree t9niht…and of course 2 sets of lights don’t work. Going to grab new ones. Be on asap


Any @PS4Players u for a team up tuesday?


Yup I’m down


Don’t think I added you yet but I’ll get on that and I’m home so I’ll be on all afternoon and into the evening probably be watching Netflix till later on but if you hop on before that shoot me an inv


@TwistedGunsmith @REBOOT_EXE I’ll be on tonight… gonna grab some food then head home




Is there even anyone on Fallout? @PS4Players


Busy night for me. Recorded some ReaperCast 100th Episode interviews. Went to fire up Destiny but of course my XBox didn’t automatically update the game (12 GBs). So fired up some CoD Blackout. In Solo I got 4 kills and made it to 3. Then joined up with @beers_and_leafs and had a few good games. No wins tonight.


Good MP game in COD last night with @HAWKLANDER @Elgr8one and @SALT before a bit of Blackout struggles with @Lala_Calamari


Is there ever any zombie nights? I mean i play mp but im much bigger into the undead end of things lol


I’ve tried with the last 3 COD’s to get Zombie nights going, they failed so I gave up.

I would usually try to do them Saturday nights. I’m usually willing to play some on weekends, just because it usually take a while.


Right. I’m just a big zombies player but i usually run solo. I just try to find people who like to try the easter eggs that don’t get discouraged if we go down. I also stream zombies but only my friends watch and that’s not vey often lol


Hadnt seen this before I am usually on



It’s Thursday BLOPS4 night. I’ll be on for some Blackout.


I shall be on at some point…


I should be on as well


I’ll probably be on after I take the kiddo to her moms for some blackout