Team-up Tuesdays and Thursday Black Ops 4


Mondays are for Blackout, the next couple of Tuesdays and Thursdays will be MP only. We will rotate Tuesdays and Thursdays, due to the Leafs schedule. And, the time says from 9 to 11, but some nights I will be on a bit earlier.

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I volunteer as tribute and to be a point of contact for Black Ops 4 on PC tonight. I will be in one of the Discord chat rooms around 9pm EST @PCGamers I may possibly be able to do Thursday as well this week, I will keep you posted


I will be around tonight for some MP at 9pm Est




@beers_and_leafs and I got another Duo win. Not too much action this round other than the final circle. Who cares though, a win is a win.


Don’t worry, I got you covered…


@PS4Players up for some multiplayer or shall we stick to what we’re good at and get some more wins in blackout


I’m down for hunting another win in blackout. multiplayer doesn’t quite do it for me.


@SoInZane just to let you one there is a 10gb download waiting for you




Xbox @codplayers I know this week is supposed to be Thursday, but plans have changed and I will be on tonight and Thursday.


@codplayers tonight we’ll mix it up a bit and do some core moshpit and then, maybe some HC matches.


@PS4Players wanna try multiplayer today? Or should we stick with blackout?


@codplayers tonight be there or be…somewhere else I guess.


When you say multiplayer, what does that consist of?


Non blackout games i know they’re both multiplayer just easier to describe it i guess


Got it! Is anyone on PS4 hoping on BFV? I haven’t got it yet, but I will by the end of this week. Just alot great games coming out, I can’t keep up!


Tonight’s a bfv night @SplendidKaos is running should be somethin in the forums about it


Also @PS4Players there’s a 10 gb update waiting if you haven’t downloaded it yet


I am running a room but I’m on PC