T-Shirt designs

We added new equipment to do shirts and @Destroyert1 made this one for me. Yeah, that is me modeling the shirt. My best side!

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Does anyone have a vector graphic of the GRG logo they could send me? I guess I should ask if anyone cares if I use it for display? Not for sale.

I’m not sure on vector. I’m not even sure we have a decently sized standard image.


In all reality, we’re probably due for logo / graphics redesign anyway. I should seek out some graphic artists to see what we can get.

I dont have one but think i can covert one that i have to vector

I do know a graphic artist but she is old and grumpy. I wonder what it would cost me to ask her (the wife).

so conversion is not bad its the background that is the problem. need t o remove it. also does not look like it converts well but you can definitely try

Thanks. Somehow I ended up with a png file that destroyer says will work. He is heading up our apparel, signs and banners. I am still stuck trying to get us out of the ink and paper grind. Analog vs digital.

Ok. Here is the hi-res png image

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