Swype+Dragon keyboard is dead.

Anyone else still use it? I am giving Gboard a try. I see some features that are nice. Gboard has swipe which was the main feature I was using with Swype, however Swype had a bevy of long press options for each key. You have access to each punctuation mark character through the main keyboard with long press functions. It’s only been an hour and I miss it already. GIF search is nice though.

What are you people using for an Android keyboard?

As you were… Using SwiftKey and love it!

Sweet! It will take some getting used to, punctuation marks have been moved around but they are there! Thanks!

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Has lots of customization features too!

I just use the stock Gboard

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I used the default that came with my phone. I guess it’s gboard.

@SoulTerror @Lala_Calamari heathens!

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